Sexy Swap

This weekend we only went out on Saturday night. The crowd at the club was pretty thin for a while and then it slowly picked up. Here is what I remember: A lecture on the way there about not leaving Miguel hanging with a couple. Apparently, I have a bad habit of meeting a couple, taking them over to meet Miguel, and then disappearing. Miguel saying we should talk to a sexy couple across the room. We have talked to them before and I left him hanging. Oh, and I did that with another couple last weekend (I vaguely remember that). Here’s the thing, I really hate cling-on couples. We are at a swinger club, I shouldn’t have to hold your hand all night and introduce you to everybody. I drop a hint to let you know I am interested. If you are ready to go when we are, great! If not call us…here’s our card. I know a lot of people and I love talking to everyone. Plus, I am a smoker, so if I disappear, I am probably engaged in conversation outside.

I don’t know, maybe I am no good at this thing.

Anyways, there was a couple we have tried to hook-up with a month or so ago there at the club. They choose us, and they were very sexy in their pursuit. I really liked this couple. We tried to hook up but mother nature reared her ugly fucking head right in the middle of everything, so I backed out. Awkward! I was pretty lit and probably didn’t handle it so well. Miguel was kinda pissed, he said it seemed like I didn’t like them. A few weeks ago I saw them at the club and I apologized. I didn’t expect to be forgiven right away so we didn’t even try to hook-up that night. They said it was cool and they figured as much, so I left it alone.

Fast forward to Saturday night. We see the couple, they smoke so we have lots of chances to chat. They seem like they are still interested. When it comes time to go play, we can’t find them. So we head over to the lodging without them. We went to “Lover’s Lane” which is also known as the orgy room. I have never witnessed an orgy there. It has enough space for about 20 or more couples to play and watch, or be watched. Mostly it hosts couples getting it on in the presence of strangers. Single men are not allowed. We head into the room and there is the couple…on a four post bed already fucking. We walk over to watch. Miguel is rubbing my pussy threw my jeans. They see us standing there. She gets on her knees and starts to suck his cock. She mumbles something about us still being dressed so we both take off our clothes. There is plenty of room, but we ask to share the bed with them. They oblige us some space….

Let me just say here that the girl has some awesome oral skills! Miguel almost busted a nut in her mouth. I came a few times with her eating my pussy and fingering my g-spot. She had some good oral skills. I wanna give you the play-by-play of everything that happened. Miguel went down on me, while she sucked her man off. She came over and took over what Miguel was doing. Miguel fucked my face as it dangled from the bed while she ate me out. Her man played with her pussy till she told him to stop because it was distracting. They sucked and fucked, we did the same. At one point, her and I both sucked her man off. She had her hands on my clit and g-spot while Miguel tongue fucked her. She decided to suck Miguel off and I kept working on her man. She took her time and seemed to really enjoy her work. She looked so sexy sucking Miguel cock. We did not exchange partners for penetration, it was more of a soft swap. The playing went on for a long time, then Miguel came….. Miguel is so careful to rub my clit to orgasm as he fucks me. I came like gangbusters that night and I didn’t even have a toy. I was exhausted when it was over and very well spent! I wrapped a towel around myself and grabbed my clothes to go get dressed in the bathroom. I looked a hot mess. We went back to the club to have another drink and eat before heading home. Porn stars could have approached us at this point and we still would have turned them down, we were done for the night.

I fell asleep on the way home. When I did get home I merely stripped off my clothes and passed out. It was a fucking hot night. After nights like this, I am so happy to have joined the lifestyle. It is just sex. When four people come together for a common purpose and it works, it is fanominal! There just isn’t anything better!

Till next time, keep it sexy!


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