Anal fun

I tweeted yesterday that we were going out looking for trouble. We ended up at a swinger club that was pretty packed. The FetCon is in town so I am guessing alot of folks were looking for trouble after all the demos at the show. There were quite alot of sexy people at the club. We drank and danced with quite a few people but in the end….I just wanted to fuck and not have to wait for a hook-up. I had brought a box of toys with me, just in case, and we made sure to bring it with us when we went to play.

We went over and got a room on the lodging side. Miguel and I stripped down and then he put the blindfold on me. He turn the lights down low and handed me a toy. He told me to work it on myself. It was my new Bimini Flash! I worked myself to orgasm with this little wonder then worked my clit some more. He then handed me my MiMi. The MiMi is a very strong personal massager that is rechargeable. I love this vibe because I can use its awesome vibes on my clit while working something else in my pussy.

He then inserted my glass dildo and it put me right over the edge. I was so wet it slid right in. My glass dildo is a little something called the Pink Swirl G. This glass toy has a bit of a curve to hit for g-spot stimulation. It also has a swirly ridge going up and down the shaft. The pleasure of the MiMi combined with the glass toy was unbelievable.¬† I was cuming all over these toys. I asked Miguel if he was gonna fuck me as I lay there with the blindfold on and he replied “Soon”. He then put his cock in my mouth as i continued to fuck my self with my toys. He said he wanted to double penetrate me with the glass toy.¬† I stopped sucking his cock and I asked him to put some lube on the glass toy. He slathered it with a bit of lube and then I slowly worked it into my ass. Once the big head went in, I was able to get it all the way in to the bulb at the end. Then Miguel came up and put his cock in my mouth. I had it in all the way before Miguel came over and put his dick in my pussy. He fucked me missionary at first. The glass toy still in my ass and me working the MiMi on my clit. He said he could feel the ridges of the glass toy and it felt incredible! I suggested we turn around so that he could work the glass toy while fucking me. I flipped onto my stomach and he fucked me a few minutes working the glass toy by leaning his body on it as he fucked me hard and deep. I had both my holes filled and the MiMi working my clit, it was such a hot fuck! “Ready for the real deal baby? I wanna cum in that ass tonight!” I responded by pulling the glass toy out and begging him to fuck my ass.He slid his cock in and worked the head a bit before going in all the way. I was so caught up in the pleasure that I forgot the MiMi and just concentrated on his cock filling my ass. I wanted all his cum, I wanted him to cum in my asshole so bad! My ass was stretched from the glass toy and now accommodated Miguel’s thick cock with no problems. He worked it in and out and was soon able to fuck my asshole with full gusto. He came with a grunt just as I finished another great orgasm. It was a really hot anal fuck!

Till next time Lovelies, keep it sexy!

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