Eden Fantasys won the “O” award!

Eden Fantasys won the outstanding online retailer award for all the right reasons. I have been a member since February. I have done 25+ reviews for them and I have found a place that values my opinion. They have a whole community of sex positive members who can go there and find other like minded people. I gotta be honest and say that Eden Fantasys found me. They liked my blog. I went to the site and immediately wanted to get involved. Setting up a profile on the site is free. From there you can make an order, check out what others think about toys and rate their reviews, check out the manufacturer pages and see what is new, make new friends and see their profiles and reviews, or you can go to the forum.The forum is the heart of the community. There are so many discussions going on it is hard to keep up.  The forums list groups of categories such as:

  • Sex Toy Information (13 topics there)
  • Eden Link (45 companies with topics there)
  • BDSM (3 topics there)
  • Review Program (11 topics there)
  • Eden Fantasys- General (10 topics there)
  • Sexual Health (6 topics there)
  • Everyday Sex (9 topics there)
  • Relations (6 topics there)
  • GLBT (3 topics there)
  • Adult DVD/ Porn (8 topics there)
  • News and Current Events (4 topics there)
  • Personal Stores (58 topics there)
  • Clubs (17 so far…)
  • Customer Service (18 topics there)

My experience with the reviews has been awesome. They want at least 2 reviews from different people on each product. They add new products all the time every week. Plus, toy makers come to them and ask them to get folks to review their new stuff. As a customer, I get free toys in exchange for honest reviews. I also get directions on what to put in my reviews, and how to make them better. They have a very helpful mentor program that matches a new reviewer with someone who has experience. The mentor is a great contact to answer questions about aspects of reviews not covered in the forum. The better my reviews are, the more people go and see them and rate me. My rating is directly linked to my status as a reviewer. The higher the rank, the more expensive toys I get to review. The great thing about this site is what I have learned there. They have information about all their toys from people who have tried them. They also give tips about all the materials and information about  the product. Wanna see if that toy is worth it, read the reviews. Wanna know if that one size fits all outfit is comfortable, ask someone who owns it. They also have a video reviewing program, so you can see the product.

My experience at this site has been all positive so far. Really! I haven’t met one nasty person. Everyone is just accepting. I went online and talked about being a swinger openly. No one casts judgement. Oh wait! It gets even better! Not only do they want you do reviews, but they have a point system where you can earn Eden gift cards by being active on the site. The system is called Eden Points and it is a easy way to earn money for more expensive toys. I get points for posting in the forum, adding a new review, liking something, rating someone’s review, and more…..it is crazy how they just give me points for doing stuff I was going to do anyways!

There is so much going on in the Eden community! They have 17 different clubs.

The numbers next to them list how many discussions these clubs have had. Click on any of the links to check out a discussion from the club on the forum. So far I have been active in the Porn Club, Naked Reader Book Club, The Workshops, Contributor of the Month, Eden Lit (which pays me in gift cards to submit my original work), Eden Bloggers, and Reviewers Spotlight. I want to do more, but I work full time. They also have an awesome affiliate program for those who have a website.
Obviously I love the site! It was no surprise to me that they won the award. Check out Eden Fantasys for yourself! If you buy something on the site you get 15% off you entire order by using the affiliate code SYM. Did I mention that you get a free gift with every order? They also do giveaways on their blog site Eden Cafe.

Every thought about joining an online adult community? Are you looking for a place that appreciates your opinion? Do you wanna be a sex toy reviewer but you don’t know where to start?  Check out Eden Fantasys and see why they were voted the best online retail site in the business! While you are there look for me BlueKaren.

This post is sponsored by Eden Fantasys.

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