Swapping Fun Minus One

We went out to the beach bar to meet a couple. I was of course over-dressed because I misunderstood where we were going. I had on my sexy little black dress with stilettos, and no panties. This dress is almost too short for that, but I wasn’t planning on wearing it that long.

We arrived at the little bar and the couple was sitting at a table on the porch/deck. The table was bar height so I had to fight the whole time to keep my dress from sliding up too much, lest I share my kittykat with the whole vanilla crowd. I eventually just kicked my shoes off and resigned to crossing my legs to keep some discretion.

The couple was very casual and we shared a few drinks and a few stories. At some point I got up to use the bathroom, and wouldn’t you know it? My monthly friend paid me a visit. Damn it! It was not full-on but just enough to create a spotting nuisance! I confessed to everyone that I was now out of the game. They were great hosts thou, and invited us back to their hotel anyways. This hotel was more like a motel with separate little bungalows and a big courtyard with chairs for enjoying the Florida sun. They had drinks on hand and we all got pretty lit. As luck would have it, they had the motel pretty much to themselves. We got pretty loud and no one complained. Just talking and telling stories with us girls outside chain-smoking and the guys inside mixing the drinks. We talked for hours and really got comfortable with each other. Eventually it came time for us to leave, but then we didn’t. We almost left again and then we all decided not to waste the night and let the playing begin, even if we were one person short. This was fueled by the fact that I had brought toys. One to share and one for my own pleasure, so we were guaranteed to have some fun!

I think she got naked first. I went to licking her clit and labia and she was “neutral” tasting for an added bonus! She tasted so good and rewarded my efforts by moaning and twisting to meet my hungry tongue. Then I got a toy out and worked her clit. She didn’t seem so into this until I finger fucked her and stroked her g-spot. The result was awesome as her juice spilled onto my hand. The guys were taking turns fucking her open mouth. She made the sexiest sounds as she sucked each of them in turn. Each of the guys took turns fucking her and she responded with moans and milking their cocks till they came. I love to watch a live fuck and I got my toy out and played with my clit as I sucked whichever cock was not busy in her cunt. I love to watch couples fuck. It is so much more intimate than you can imagine seeing two people who love each other sweating and grinding into each other. The sounds of bodies slapping together and hot breathe as they please their desires in familiar body language and positions. Watching a foursome I can always pick out the couples vs. the strangers. I know this is true when Miguel and I are getting it on and he knows all my favorite things that will send me over the edge. The best part of this night was when Miguel got to fuck her last as she sucked her man’s cock. I got their camera out and took pictures. I haven’t seen them yet; I hope I got a good shot of how sexy it was. This couple is fast becoming one of my favorites and I do hope for more swapping fun in the future.

Until next time Lovelies, keep it sexy!


  1. Rex says:

    Thanks for the card and the dance saturday night, I haved enjoyed your site and the stories. keep up the good work…..or should I say fun…lol See you guys at the club,

    Rex and Tammy

  2. eh, I never rule out play based on being on my period. It just changes up the boundaries some. It must of been amazing to play with her g-spot! I hope you get to share the pics.

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