I Got the Hook Up.

Hey Lovelies! I just got off of a long day of work. Miguel and I have a date with a couple we have played with previously, (read about it here). This time they have a hotel on the beach. I know it is a weekday but I am off tomorrow. It is so fucking on tonight!!!

I finally got my banner from my favorite club, so now I can really pimp it because they added kissinbluekaren to their list of links!

Also, I got Miguel a fleshlight and it came in the mail today! Holy shit this thing is so big, it actually feels like real skin. When it put under warm water or played with it heats up to body temp….should prove for some interesting entertainment to watch him break it it!!! I am off tomorrow so look for me on twitter or facebook. I gotta runfor now, Miguel is a bit impatient when it comes to leaving on time….

Till next time Lovelies, Keep it Sexy!

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