Two Cocks and One Pussy

We had an awesome time last night with a new FWB. A single guy we met via craigslist. He was not new to the lifestyle but new to us. He was staying in a local hotel, he just got in from out of town. Hopefully he will be staying around for a while.

We sat around and chatted for a little more than an hour before the clothes started to come off. I got naked first, of course. We turned down the lights and all three of us got on the bed. This guy was an expert clit licker! It was a great way to start things off. With me laying out on the bed on my back and him on his knees on the floor, his face buried in my wet snatch. Miguel saw an open opportunity and push his cock into my open mouth. I tried as best as I could to relax my throat and take it all the way in. After I came really good, the guy came up for air and re-positioned himself, opposite of Miguel on his knees, by my head so I started sucking his cock. The guy was a little bit smaller than Miguel but a big time pre-cummer, which I love! Miguel and him took turns rubbing my now drenched pussy and finger fucking me till I came loudly. While Miguel was playing with my pussy the guy reached over and gave Miguel a nice handjob. I stopped what I was doing to see this for myself. The guys and I were having so much fun that all inhibitions left us. Everyone in the room sucked and fucked and we were a tangle of bodies eager to please each other and be pleased.

At some point the guy got the condom on and he pulled positioned my body so he could put his cock in. We did with me on my back and him on his knees in between my legs. His strong arms grabbing my ass and breasts for support as he fucked me good! He pulled out and suggested that I ride Miguel’s cock and he could put his dick in me doggie style at the same time.

Two cocks at once! I didn’t even have that on my list of things I wanted to try, but now I can check it off anyways. It was fucking awesome, and we must do it again.

Miguel laid down beside me and I straddled him slowly lowering my drenched pussy onto his cock. I started to slowly fuck him before I felt the guys probing me from behind, slowly putting his cock in. Then he started to move. The friction of his cock going in and out against my pussy and Miguel cock was all we needed to get off. Miguel came after only a few minutes. I came again and again, I lost track. I un-straddled Miguel and the guy asked me to sit on his face so he could clean all of the cum out of me. He had me writhing and cumming and grabbing the headboard for support as he sucked every drop of cum of me. I came so much this night that I was shacking and when I couldn’t take it anymore I asked him to stop and I laid down next to him.

The guy pulled the condom off. He had cum, too. He was still rubbing his dick thou. He is kind of guy that can get instantly hard right after cumming (yummy!). He asked me where I wanted him to cum and I re-directed the question to Miguel, since this night was more for me I wanted to please him with this last sex act. Miguel told him to come all over my stomach and breasts. So the guy got up and I laid down, he straddled me with his cock right over my stomach. He rubbed his cock vigorously it was all red and shiny with cum and more pre-cum and shot his load all over my stomach. Then he reached down and rubbed it all over my breasts and stomach. It was so fucking hot I almost came again!

Sorry guys the only pics we got were with the blackberry, next time maybe we will get better pics…

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  1. Lifestyleguy says:

    Damn…what a night! I travel quite a bit for work and would love to chat sometime about a possible get together.


  2. storm says:

    very hot! damn! sounds like a great night exploring some new things. It is amazing how endless sexual possibilities are. There is no end to the exploration.

  3. Sex Fairy says:

    FUN!! I just told Whitman the other day that I’d done this (years ago with my ex-husband), and he couldn’t believe there was such a thing! (Or maybe he just couldn’t believe I’D DONE IT!)

  4. cody says:

    I was there and I had a fucking blast. Very nice looking and tasting pussy and very nice looking and tasting dick. I would love to play with them both again soon hopefully lol. I enjoyed eating her husbands cum out of her pussy that was soo fucking hot I could do that all day long. If either of you ever know of another couple please give them my number lol. Cody

  5. Dave says:

    Very hot.. I hope to experience something like that with the two of you next time I am in your area :)

  6. cody says:

    I had a blast sucking both his dick and eating her cum laiden pussy. I got hard reading that story and I was hard the whole time While I was with them. WOuld love to spend some more time with them. You both were great and very open and very easy to get along with. Hope to see you both soon. Cody

  7. Molly says:

    Sounds like a very special treat.


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