Berman Venus G Review

The Berman G is manufactured by California Exotics and endorsed by Dr. Laura Berman. The Berman G is mainly for G-spot stimulation. Some of you may remember that this has been an issue for me. This is the first toy that has enabled me to hit my g-spot on my own, ever! Usually Miguel can hit my g-spot for me. He is able to hit it with toys also, (I guess it helps being able to see what you are doing down there!). I wanted so bad to find a toy that actually worked with my anatomy. This toy did it for me!

The Berman G doesn’t look special. I was instantly skeptical of this product.


It is made of silicone, which is body safe. The Berman G has an ABS plastic cap and ABS with silver plating decorative ring. It is multi-speed via a turn dial on the cap. The vibrations are not very strong, I think this adds to g-spot comfort. I would rate the vibrations of this toy at about a 3 out of 5. The vibrations are based in the top of the shaft just before the curve, so the curve carries them nicely. I didn’t need to put it on full speed to fully enjoy its effects. It is 8 3/4″ in length with 6″ being insertable. It is made of shareable silicone in a pretty purple color.The material is a bit tacky and will pick up lint or hair, so store it away in a drawer or box and not out and exposed to dust. This toy is waterproof for extra fun and easy clean up. Silicone is easy to clean with some soap and water. The cap has a slide lock to make it watertight. I tested this product in a sink and it did not leak at all. This toy could be used in the shower or tub.

I tried this toy specifically to see if Dr.Laura Berman knew what she was talking about. Laura Berman, LCSW, PhD has been working as a sex educator and therapist for 20 years, and is considered a leader in her field. She is suppose to be an expert, so any toy with her name on it should be quality.

I put the 3 AAA batteries in and a small amount of lubrication (a little goes a long way since silicone does not absorb the lube like some other materials). Silicone toys are compatible with water-based lubrication. (Do not use silicone based lubrication as it will ruin the finish on the toy.)¬† The tip is flexible for comfortable G-spot stimulation. The curved tip is just the right size and flexible enough to be very comfortable on my g-spot. Mine is a bit low so I didn’t need the entire shaft to hit the spot (pun intended!). It took me about 1 minute to find it. I am not saying it will be the same for everyone, but I am saying that it worked for me.The silicone on this toy is a bit harder than I have found on other products. Only the tip is bendable, the shaft is more rigid. The silicone is smooth except for the three strategically placed ridges. This toy is pretty quiet, too. It would not be heard through a closed door unless you had you ear to it.

I highly recommend this toy! California Exotics and Dr.Berman have produced a quality product. It is not fancy with bells and whistles. The packaging is very modest. But, this toy has inspired me to try out other g-spot toys. (now that I know where mine is!)

You can get this product for yourself at HedoVibes.

I received this product free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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