Catching Up

This was a very busy and productive week for me. I started my new job, finally! I worked 10 hour days all week with an hour commute both ways. I managed to make it to a porn club meeting at EF and post 2 video reviews and one text review. I almost finished reading an erotic book this week as well that I am doing for review on this site right here… is a juicy book! I also managed to break in some new toys for review. Those will be cuming soon! Oh and I am really happy because one of the toys helped me to find my g-spot! Miguel is actually out of town at the moment so being busy has helped the time to go by fast! I also am having my work featured on Eden Cafe. I will post a link as soon as the post goes live.


Can we talk about G-Spot for a minute? I thought it was a fucking myth. It is there thou. Man Oh Man did it add to my orgasm! I have had help hitting it before, but finding it myself was really empowering.

That’s exactly what this world needs, me even more narcissistic and feeling powerful!

Tonight we are going out as soon as he gets home. We are going to Eyz Wide Shut in Tampa, FL…..of course! We didn’t go to the club last weekend, so I am really looking forward to it! Hmmmm, what shall I wear? This would be Miguel’s most dreaded question, so I had better decide before he gets here. I have a few sexy outfits but I really like a bit more variety. then there is always the question of comfort. I am saving up for some thigh high boots right now……really could use some donations to help me get them.

Look for the donate button on the right and help me if you can!

We have a date planned with a sexy guy from out of town tomorrow. Way out of town, like another country. We have been chatting on twitter (yup I am now using twitter for hook-ups!) and he is visiting this week. He looked really good in his pictures, we’ll see if he can deliver as promised tomorrow, lol! Of course I will give you all the juicy details Lovelies!



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