Boring Weekend!

I start my new on Tuesday and I feel like I spent all weekend just driving….picking people up, dropping people off, trying to get somewhere. Not a big eventful weekend for us. We didn’t go to the club this weekend at all. Our funds just didn’t allow for playtime.

I posted a new donate button…get on it please and help me fund this sexy website!

We met a new couple yesterday online and we went to their hotel on the beach. The traffic was crazy going there and we Unfortunately, they seemed a bit uncomfortable with us so we bowed out gracefully. I am not into trying to seduce someone or force them to do something they might not be comfortable with. We really are a no-pressure couple. We left there and went to a house party with some friends we had met at Eyz Wide Shut. They are a really sexy couple that we were hoping to hook up with but it just didn’t happen.

I’ll tell you what did happen…super aggressive drunk girl! Not me this time either….An older female  “newbie” who was there with her mate.  They claimed this was all new to them and they had only had one other encounter. She was all over me and Miguel like a damned stalker. People, learn to read body language! We are not the type of people to go around hurting people’s feelings so we probably go through more than most people would. This woman was a bit out of hand. She was sitting on people’s lap’s and just being really aggressive. I almost hate super aggressive women. We ended the night before we really wanted to in an attempt to keep from beating this woman off of us.

We all have known people like this, so really it is not that big of a deal. Hell, after too much alcohol sometimes I turn in to super aggressive drunk girl. I was too fucking tired and not quite drunk enough to tolerate it last night, thou. Hope fully she is not always like that. We are a small community, us swingers, a reputation for being super aggressive and inconsiderate would not be a good thing….

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  1. People like that don’t deserve your consideration, I would put it behind you. Good look with the new job! x

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