Smartballs Teneo Duo Review

Does having more sex make you looser? Probably. I know that some women are loose because guys talk about it. Is a woman with a tighter pussy better for sex?

The vagina is a muscle so the more you tighten it, the stronger it will get. Smartballs Teneo Duo are made by Fun Factory. Smartballs are another version of ben-wa balls which are designed to help a woman strengthen her pelvic floor muscles, (the vagina muscle). The pelvic floor muscles help a woman orgasm and increase pleasure for her partner. These little balls are made of silicone, which is body safe and easy to clean. They are a bit on small side and have a bit of weight to them. Both of them together bend so no-matter what the uterus is shaped like, they will fit in. They have a small connected band of silicone which keeps them together and a pull cord loop also made of silicone which is meant for easy removal. These smartballs have balls within them which send small vibrations into the vagina when inserted which tells the pelvic floor to contract and hold on to something. For those of you that don’t know, women need to exercise these muscles. It doesn’t matter if you have had children or not. I know women out there, with no children, that are very loose. ( Just as a little fyi, women that don’t exercise them become really “loose” with normal wear-and-tear!) Sometimes women who are pregnant are told to exercise their pelvic floor muscles to ease childbirth.

I was so curious about these “toys”. Would they actually cause pleasure? Did they work? Why the hell would these be necessary?

Okay, I got these in the mail from Good Vibrations Sex Toys shop. The ones I received were a bright blue and white. They come in all sort of fun colors. The balls are textured with silicone bands that are supposed to be for added pleasure. To tell you the truth, I couldn’t feel the texture once I got them in there…. I use my kegel muscles all the time. I was excited to have something I could use to remind me to exercise my kegel muscle. The first time I tried them I was reminded the whole time that they were in. They are meant to be used during everyday movements so I put them in and went to the store. This ended up being a bit of a mistake since once I got to the store I was told to sit and wait. It felt like having a tampon in that was slowly sliding out of place. I guess I didn’t have them in far enough. Since then I make sure to put them in all the way and I have had no problems keeping them from sliding down to the muscle that kept them in there.

I like the smartballs and I use them frequently. I think they have definitely made me more aware of my kegal muscles and I believe they have helped my sex life a bit, too. I love to be able to tighten my muscles up during sex and so anything that makes them stronger is going to get my approval! After wearing them a bit I don’t have them trying to slip out anymore, which means they are actually doing their job and helping the muscle to strengthen. I don’t actually “feel” a vibration, just a little reminder to tighten up. I did not get any pleasure from wearing these, unless you count the fact that I was holding two silicone balls in my vagina while performing everyday activities. I think the “pleasure” comes in when I remember my little secret. No one can tell they are there, and I am reminded of my vagina all day…..a bit narcissistic I know! Sometimes I enjoy thinking about tightening my vagina all day. I am so ready for sex by the time I take them out!


The smartballs are really easy to clean. I just use antibacterial soap and water or a water-based toy cleaner and I store them in the box they came in. The package came with full instructions for use and the benefits of the toy in 6 different languages. Fun Factory is a company out of Germany and they are pretty popular in Europe, or so it seems. The box also included a little pamphlet with pictures of more Fun Factory toys and a sample of toy lube. Since the smartballs are made of silicone, a silicone based lube is not advised and will probably cause the toy to begin to smell funny. The packaging warns against using them anally, because they might get sucked in.

Good Vibration Sex Toy Shop has these in stock for $29.

I was supplied this toy free of charge from Good Vibrations in exchange for an un-biased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.


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  2. Woma says:

    Have you ever used the Ami? I had a pair of the older smartballs from Fun Factory but where yours are the newer ones, mine had a little peice where the string attached that caused lots of issues.

    • BlueKaren says:

      No I never have tried that one, but I have seen it. The Emigi from sin five is pretty good too. The Emigi is a one piece unit and the string is pretty long, but can be cut if it causes issues. I am liking the smartballs a whole lot, and highly recommend them! The string has not not caused me any problems.

  3. Debbie says:

    I want some smartballs to have a tighter pussy.I am sure my hubby would love that.

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