Birthday Spanking

Where do I begin about last night…?

So much occured that I am having a hard time putting it all into words without getting lost in the details.

Last night we went to Eyz Wide Shut to celebrate my birthday. The placed was packed with sexy people. My favorite hostess made me a beautiful “Boobie Cake”. I don’t know how she does it folks, but the cake was a pair or boobs with big nipples and margarita flavored. The hostess called me out onto the dance floor and I got a few birthday lap dances. It was a lot of fun. After the lap dance people all over the club were wishing me “happy birthday” all night. A fellow blogger showed up with her entourage and she brought me a present, nipple jewelry. It was actually some rhinestone stick-on meant to adorn my nipples. We danced, drank, and socialized so much last night! I gave out about 4 cards last night, (calling cards). Who says they don’t work? We had a call today already from one couple and we got lucky last night with this approach.


At some point we decided to go next door to the lodging. We did take a tour of the place and it was packed with people. Miguel took my hand and headed straight to the dungeon room. He wanted to make sure I got my birthday spankings…this time tied up on the St.Andrew’s Cross. I approached the cross and Miguel placed a blindfold on me. He then strapped only my arms in place allowing me to move my feet. I was wearing all black last night. A black shirt with a little black skirt and my black fishnet stockings with my black high heels. I removed my shoes and he helped me out of my skirt. Then he smacked my ass a few times before rubbing my pussy threw my black thong panties. I heard other voices at this point (the dungeon door stays open for other’s viewing pleasure). I heard Miguel ask them if they wanted to help him out and give me some birthday spankings. Then I got the birthday spanking I deserved.


Many different voices and hands caressing my buttocks one by one before smacking my ass. I lost count as each person stepped up to give me a smack. Miguel encouraging each person to smack me as hard as they could. He made sure no one showed me mercy. When they smacked me lightly, he gave them another turn to smack me. I was lost in the intense pain and pleasure as they caressed and then smacked me each in turn. A few smacks were so hard that I saw white and then the stinging pain across my bottom. After so many I thought I could take no more and I begged for mercy. Miguel undid my straps and teased that I was done with my spankings for the night. I took the blindfold off and realized that we had quite a crowd in the hallway. It looked like people were lining up to smack my ass. I put my skirt back on and hurriedly grabbed my shoes. I wanted a minute alone in the bathroom to collect myself. Once I got in the bathroom I examined my bottom in the mirror.¬† My ass was welted and bruised and almost bleeding in places. I was feeling humiliated and upset at Miguel for letting it get so carried away. Can anyone say “safeword”? Ya, I guess we will have to work on that now that spanking is a regular occurrence in our sex play.


It was over thou. I let Miguel know about how I felt and then we moved on….


We began to look for an open room because at this point, I was just ready for a good fuck! A couple that I had given a calling card to earlier that night was in the hallway also looking for a room. So we agreed to share one. It was so packed last night that they opened the other big common room next to the dungeon. The other common room was packed with bodies and since all the rooms were full, that left us no where else to go. The room we got was huge and it had it’s own bathroom (bonus!). We had a nice soft swap with a sexy couple before going back to the other side to say our goodbyes. I am not giving a lot of details about this since it is all a bit hazy to me at this point…..sorry! I am sure, had it not been for all the spanking to help sober me up, I would of ended up being sick!


So that was pretty much our night. Today I was suppose to take the kids for a swim. I am not really fit for a bathing suit today thou…


If you think that is bad, you should have seen it last night. It actually looks better today!




  1. Dave says:

    A bit pink which is how it should be. Hardly welted and near bleeding although I’m guessing it felt that way earlier.

    I sent you a note re the GSPOT Vibe you tried out. I saw this thread and wondered, if you like spankings on occasion, if you and your man had tried the GSPOT TECHNIQUE (as per the web site shown) AND combined a good spanking with a series of G-GASMS? From y experience it can get exTREMELY intense. A LOT of fun if your lover takes you just a little farther than you are comfortable with but with love and trust that’s just a fun exploration.

    The spanking bit is around pg 6 of that thread.


  2. Sex Fairy says:

    Now THAT is a sexy story, KissinBlue! Looks like that ass needs a kiss to feel better…

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