How can I find a local couple to play with?


Where can I find couples in Ocala that want another straight man to participate without me having to be involved with the man? Also, how do I find single females that just want sex, without me having to join a website? And, where I can see what the female looks like before comitting to an encounter?

Thank You!


Karen Says~


First of all sorry it took me so long to reply to you. I have had a crazy busy weekend, yada, yada….

Okay so what I am getting is that you don’t want to have to join a site…do you know that most of them are free?  If you change your  mind and seriously want to get it in with couples (especially couples) and single females for swinger type encounters, a swinger site is a great place.  The great thing about that is that after your first encounter from most sites (like SwingLifeStyle) a couple can “certify” you and assure other couples that you are good!

But, if that is not what you are looking for, try craig’s list.  Really, we have found lots of single guys, and had a few ads looking for single guys that have been successul hook-ups. You start by e-mailing pics then meet them somewhere….without having to disclose too much about yourself. Craig’s list is free!  Just be picky, not everyone on there is legit! Let the couple know right away that you are not into any male-on-male play.  A true swinger couple will respect your limits, just as they expect you to respect theirs.

Another place you might want to go check out is a local swinger club.  I know most are more expensive for single guys…just show up, be respectful and available, and dress to impress. If you do decide to get a swinglifestyle membership, (which is free), you have the option of posting picks…you can approach couples and single females via e-mail, and they have a listing of local parties in you area.  Most you will not find anywhere else listed.  We have found a few parties via craig’s list, but there will be competition for a single guy.  If you do join swinglifestyle, just please use the link from my site and e-mail me again….then I will give you our name on the site and we can be a contact for you should you have any questions.

Ocala is a small town so you might have to drive to find a swinger party in your area.  I know some great clubs in Tampaish that might be worth the drive for you.  Look up the site of the club if they have one and get the details about what their policy is for single guys, some of them are a bit strict.  I hope this is helpful information for you. Let me know how it goes.


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