Oops! I Did It Again!

I wanna tell you about our adventures Monday night.


We had nothing really planned to do, but of course Miguel was “shopping” on the internet. He went to all the usual places and I noticed he found a couple on craig’s list that he was exchanging e-mail with….then e-mails with pics……then texting back and forth. This is the usual progression of a hook-up. I was encouraging him on, especially after he showed me a quick pic of the two of them.


To be honest thou, I was a bit apprehensive when we got in the car to go to their house. You never really know what you are getting into with craig’s list. A funny thing happened too when we got there. We couldn’t see the numbers on the houses and we assumed we were in front of the right house. MIguel texted the guy and he said he was coming out. So when a guy came down his driveway, we assumed it was him. Miguel got out to meet him. The guy looked really puzzled. Then we hear someone a few houses down shout “Miguel!” We went in front of the wrong house, almost approached the wrong guy, Awkward! It was dark, we couldn’t verify this was the guy from the pictures without getting a closer look….


Fast forward>>>The couple was really nice. Just moved here from…somewhere, I can’t remember now. We had a few drinks. They had a pool, it was almost too cold, but we went in anyways.¬† They admitted that they were a bit apprehensive about craig’s list too. It was kinda late on a Monday night, so they didn’t think they would get any action. She was a sexy brunette, a bit shorter than me. He had blond hair but was built like Miguel. This couple was a great match for us. They were really easy to talk to. They asked us a ton of questions about the lifestyle, they were kinda newbies. They had some regular friends that turned into playmates, but had never hooked up with strangers. We answered as much as we could about how we meet people and told them about some fun clubs in the area. I showed them my box of toys….I brought every toy out and showed them what it was used for. I felt kind of like a hostess at one of those toy parties. This ended up being funner than that thou! I got to use my strap-on on her! She was super hot with nothing on! Nice little nipples and her pussy tasted neutral, bonus! This was gonna be a full swap and we managed to swap partners and then…..it hit me!


I had had too much to drink.


Did I eat today at all?


Oh God! I am really nauseous! I think I gotta go get sick!


So I go in the bathroom, and I am suffereing from the spins and so…for me the night is ruined! I really don’t know why I keep over-indulging in alcohol. Oops! I did it again!

I get out of the bathroom and her man is fucking her, while she is giving a blowjob to Miguel. They stopped long enough for me to explain that I was now too sick to participate. Then (with my encouragement), Miguel got to fuck her. I love to watch him fuck!


Funny thing happened when they got done. I had to re-assure them that I was really sick! Ya, whenever she is not feeling a potential match, she will pretend sick to get out of it. She said she had to do this a couple of times. So she naturally assumed I was faking it!I felt like such an ass! Now not only was I a bit embarrassed, but now I am having to re-assure them that I really had to much to drink. Miguel knew I was really sick, and so he regaled some of my previous blunders to this couple. Hmmm, ya now I really am embarrassed. We will be making this up to them….hopefully tonight!!!


NO people, I will never fake sick. I will flat out tell Miguel that this is not going to happen. Ya, so he can get the full responsibility for ending the game.


It got me thinking thou, if anyone else had ever thought that about me. I guess it doesn’t matter because every single time I have been sick, I got the chance to make it up to the guy. (It has only happened so far to single guys, oh and now with this couple). ¬†How do other people get out of disaster matches? Do my readers have a good story they would like to share??

Oh and we did some take some good pics, but the couple has said they would rather not me post them here. We will work on some discreet angles, cause you know I love to share with you!


Until next time Lovelies, keep it sexy!

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