Flogging Friends

This past weekend found us at Eyz Wide Shut in Tampa, FL both Friday and Saturday.
We were so hammered on Friday that my details are a bit fuzzy. I always get so touchy feely when I am hammered. We were drinkin rum and cokes. I think I had 4 or 5 before we even got to the club. Everyone even remotely sexy got groped by me. Yup, I am that drunk. You know, the one that wants to dance with everyone?


So Saturday morning I had to have Miguel re-assure me that I was not so bad that we need to stop going there or anything, haha!

Saturday night I only had beers.*grins* So I can actually remember enough to tell you how our night went….

We stayed on the club side for a long time. I am not actually sure why, but it worked out awesome! There is a sexy couple that we see there almost every weekend. It is kinda funny that we have seen them at other clubs too, we hang out with the same people. We have even played with some of the same couples, but we have never hooked up. Sure there has been some heavy flirting. She is like 5″ nothing with a banging body. He is like Miguel’s size and a really great conversationalist. Okay fast forward through the details…….tonight is the night that we finally hook up with this couple. We go over to the lodging side of the club….

Btw, if you haven’t ever been to Eyz Wide Shut, now would be an awesome time to check it out. They just opened more themed rooms and added more staff to keep everything clean and ready. So now they have a total of 22 themed rooms! The new rooms have some awesome furniture…..like “throne” chairs and lovers couches (the sexy S shaped ones), four poster beds. And the room we picked had a St. Andrew’s Cross and a red light!!! Everything is so much sexier in red!

As soon as I saw the cross, I knew that would be our room. Back when I had my “First Flogging”, she was the girl on the other cross, she wore the guy trying to flog her out! She is a super hot tamale! >Did I mention she was kinda short? I don’t know what it is about people of smaller stature, but they are always so aggressive! She was no exception.<We made out a alot, and took off all our clothes (everything except my fishnets!!). She was an excellent kisser. I suggested we put her up on the cross first. She could barely reach to get strapped in, but we managed to get her bound. I got a hold of Miguel’s belt and I smacked her ass a bit with it. Her ass looked so nice I kept rubbing it after the smacks and I licked her all over before she asked to do me. I was very “nice.”

Hey! I am a submissive, so it is a bit uncomfortable for me to have that much power .

When it came to be my turn, this girl showed no mercy. She smacked my ass and pulled my hair, she licked and sucked my tits and made me beg for more. She kept saying “You are such a bad girl, say that you are a bad girl!” I complied and told her what a very bad girl I was…I was so fucking turned on! I actually have one welt from last night on my hip…mmmm, good times! The guys did not participate at all. The room was completely silent as she smacked my ass, tits, pussy and back with the belt. The room had a stained glass door, we had an audience the whole time! After I got down we went over to the bed, where I couldn’t wait to lick her pussy. She had a neutral pussy, so I licked it and sucked and fingered and played with it. I really enjoyed her pussy! Once again, I was so nice to her. When it came to be her turn she showed me no mercy. . She finger banged me and rubbed and licked and bit, I was writhing on her face! I was cumming so much I begged her to stop! By the time we got to the fucking part, I was well spent!

She was really aggressive….Miguel says that she tried to suck his cock off! He LOVED it! WE did a full swap, and I am absolutely sure we will do it again. They are such a hot couple, I don’t know why we waited so long!


This is a pic takin at Eyz Wide Shut, of Miguel rubbing my sore feet after hours of dancing….Thanks Sexy, I needed that!

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