New Domain!

Hey Lovelies…those of you that made the move with me that is….

Google has deleted my kissingblue blog.

Bastards! I just happened to “find” all my content on a google reader, because Miguel subscribes. So that actually saved my ass!

Now that I got my own domain I am free to advertise for whomever I choose and whatever I choose. That was something I always worried about with google. Now I am free!

Sorry to all my Kindle subscribers for the repeat postings. You might see something you didn’t notice before. Yesterday and today I spent re-posting everything.

The good news is that today is Friday. TGIF Lovelies!!!

I think we are going to a house party tonight, with a certain couple that owes us a re-match! Don’t worry I will share all the sexy details with you.

Till next time….keep it sexy Lovelies!


  1. storm says:

    looking good! thought you needed some comments on here. :)

  2. storm says:

    testing testing., already left a comment, but it not showing. wanted to be the first comment. ;)

  3. J & J says:

    Someone must have flagged your blog. Though we cannot figure out why they would have deleted it as a result.

  4. Swingtastic says:

    Good to see you are up and running again! Take it to the man!

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