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Another awesome weekend! We went to Eyz Wide Shut in Tampa, FL…..again! I really love that club!
We went both Friday and Saturday night. We won a VIP pass a few weeks ago that gives us a discount on the entrance fee, so we are taking FULL advantage of it!
Sorry to say that we didn’t play with anyone this past weekend. Sometimes it is like that…
Of course we met some new people. We met a couple that comes pretty regularly. To be honest, I have not approached this couple because well….she looks like she is really focused on her man. They are both pretty focused on each other and I have never seen them talk to anyone. I really thought they just weren’t into other people (swinger club does not always = swingers only). I was wrong! She has an un-approachable look, but she is super-sweet. And oh did I mention sexy? Both of them are really sexy, but pretty shy. As a result of lack of aggression to pursue other couples (or singles) they have never had an encounter. I don’t wanna say how long they have been going to swinger clubs,…….but it has been a long time. We would have been happy to pop that cherry, but they did not get full access. There was mention of a hotel? Why would we go to a hotel when the club we are at has lodging right there?? Ahhh! Maybe next time. They have our number (card), maybe they’ll get bold.
Okay moving on….
We met some great people on Saturday….hopefully soon to be FWB! Saturday was a White Out Party at Eyz Wide Shut. Miguel and I dressed in white from head to toe. I wore some new white jeans with a white undershirt and Miguel’s dress shirt on and tied up with white sandles. We should have got pics, duh! Oh well! Miguel said it looked really good. I loved that many people there wore white. The black lights made everyone glow. We had more than a few drinks and danced so much I think I wore my thighs out! I talked to so many people and gave out some cards.

One couple in particular we met were newbies. They were smoking hot and young. I think I met her in the bathroom, typical me (I talk to everyone, making friends in the loo sounds so like me!). Anyways, they had a whole bunch of questions and Miguel and I took our time to try to answer honestly as much as we could. We encouraged them to do what feels good and to tell potential hook-ups their rules before play. *That was a lesson we learned the hard way* After about 20 minutes she said, “You guys are like our swinger mentors!”
Miguel and I just looked at each other, sure we’ll take on that role! We suggested to this couple to start off by what turned them on about it, being watched. We told them about our experience How It All Started. Later we saw this couple enjoying a little exhibitionism, fucking doggie style with the curtains to their room open. They had quite a crowd enjoying in pure voyeuristic fashion. We enjoyed the show as well! (Thanks sexy newbies!!!)

We do alot of talking to newbie couples. Swingers are suppose to be, by nature, friendly people. I have seen many couples talking to newbies and offering advice. This is a good thing. I recommend every new couple thinking about going into the lifestyle talk to someone that has been there. Most of what is second nature to Miguel and I now, is because we have had a bad experience and learned the hard way. We have also seen plenty of couples cum and go. They start off for the wrong reasons or don’t have any idea what this may do to impact their relationship. Then we see them on the site….they become singles. Or worse! They walk away, with the wrong idea of what the lifestyle is about, never to trust anyone enough to play again. So sad!
If you are thinking about the lifestyle, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Some great places to start are Swingers Attic,¬† Gentle Nibbles, and or 7946437 (that spells SWINGER on a keypad). Swingers Attic and Gentle Nibbles have both covered a wide range of topics and they will answer a question if you submit it directly to them. Lots of swinger websites have forums Swinglifestyle has one here and there you can set up a free account and ask away.
Of course you can e-mail me directly…[email protected] I will respond and post (anonymously if you wish) any questions that you ask of me…..
Till next time Lovelies! Keep it sexy


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