Cum Communication

Went out to Eyz Wide Shut in Tampa, FL on Friday night. It ended up being a weird night, thou.
We were suppose to meet the couple that cancelled on us earlier this week.
(losing track? so am I really, that’s why Miguel does all the scheduling)
Anyways, it was a bit slow there at Eyz Wide Shut. We played some pool and then sat near the DJ up stairs. The couple walked in and they were looking so fine….she in her black tight skin tight pants and he had just had a haircut, as if I thought he could look any better, he did thou actually!
Unfortunately, Miguel and I had communication issues.
We actually had a bit of drama in our relationship…it was just a weird night, and our game was all fucked up.
We always advertise “no drama”. We don’t fight in public, but when I am upset, I give him the silent treatment. Annoying, I know. I have a really sharp tongue and after years of cutting people to pieces with it, I have come to realize silence is golden.We worked it all out, don’t worry. A good fuck can fix any problem in our relationship….(sorry boys, no chance I will be solo anytime soon).
We saw the smacking couple from last weekend, with their clothes on, on the club side this time….they looked just as sexy when they aren’t fucking the shit out of each other…..They were really friendly. I heard from a pretty reliable source that they are a soft swap couple. We kind of did this already with them, hehe!
We did get to know some other “regulars” at the club a bit more. They were all advertising Caliente Resort on the first weekend of the month, due to an unbeatable entry fee of only $20. That place is like 49 miles from our house.
Maybe if we could stay over….it is so tempting, but I won’t be the one driving back after a long day at the pool and partying half the night. Plus, it is a nudist resort and I would have to buy everyone sunglasses so they could stand the sight of my pasty white skin.
So anyways, that is where everyone was hanging out last night. Everyone but us, that is.
We did have some ridiculously hot sexxx that night at the club. We got a room on the lodging side after some awkward silences between us in the club. Miguel and I picked a room with mirrors strategically placed on the ceiling, wall on the side, and the foot end of the bed. It is so hot to watch Miguel fuck me, I was so fucking turned on. Oh, I almost forgot about the saw bench thingy that we started out on…it was in the room too! I laid on it first on my stomach with my legs supported on the benches on each side. This was pretty hot but I couldn’t see. So I flipped onto my back and balanced myself there for a few minutes while he hammed his cock into my wet snatch. We eventually moved to the bed where we fucked like animals. Mid thrust Miguel asks me if I want some strange cock.
(there is always a few single guys in the hallways, hoping to get a peek in a room or, if he’s really lucky, get asked to join in the sex play)
I whispered yes into his ear. I seemed to remember a sexy Latin single guy out there somewhere. Miguel got up (butt naked) and asked him if he wanted to join in. I had on my little black dress and my fishnet thigh high stockings. I didn’t even bother to take anything but my panties off. So I was laying on the bed with my dress pulled up over my ass and my stockings still on. Miguel said something to him in Spanish and then Miguel walked over and put his cock back in my mouth. The guy was Cuban. He told Miguel in Spanish that he had to go get some condoms.
He never came back…
Stellar performance big guy!
That’s okay, Miguel took care of business! We didn’t wait for him to come back, we just went right back to fucking. I laid on my back and watched him thrust into me via the ceiling mirror. My baby is so hot! I played with my clit as he fucked me. I coated his cock with my cum. Then, I reached around and rubbed his perineum just to watch his face. Waves of pleasure on his face. So then I gingerly rubbed him around his anus. His face told me he was loving it. So then I carefully inserted my finger in his ass to stimulate his prostate, and he came loudly a few strokes after that.
Like I said, a good fuck fixes everything! No communication issues here.

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