X-mas party at the club

Wow! Another day, another single guy got cold feet. I got stood up last night. Unbelievable! I invited this guy to my club and he totally chickened out….or maybe he couldn’t get away. Either way, his fucking loss right! Miguel and I had a hot night at the club anyways.

We got there around the usually time but it was really slow. I mean, alot of regulars. Some that we have played with, some we will never play with. Anyways, we realized after about 90 minutes that it would probably just be the two of us so we made the most of it. One of the best things about the club is that anything goes, and I can get loud! I had on my little black dress and my lacy red bra with no panties. We played a few games of pool, two of which I actually won probably because Miguel was so distracted. Miguel was grabbing and stretching to get a good view every time I bent over. I had a few drinks and so I told Miguel that I wanted to go get a room and fuck. He grabbed my hand and we got one!

They have these massage tables in the rooms which gives Miguel the perfect angle to stand up and fuck me. Then I can just lay back and grab the table for leverage. I slid my shoes off, then my dress and my bra and laid back. We fucked like animals and it was awesome. Then he had me sit up and lifted me off the table so he could hold me and just have me bouncing off his cock. I love that Miguel is strong enough to pull this off and I came all over his cock. He sat me back on the table and then I got on my knees in front of him. I love the taste of my cum on his cock and I licked it clean. After a few minutes he moaned and told me to stop and I got up and laid back on the bed. He fucked me there with my legs over his shoulders. I was so fucking hot for him, I didn’t want it to end. It did end thou, he said he was not ready to cum yet. So we got dressed and left the room. We walked around to see if there were any new possibilities. There was one couple but I was so distracted by Miguel that I couldn’t possibly pursue them with any success. We resigned ourselves to sit on the couch and I straddled Miguel. My dress slid up to my hips as I got into position and I am sure the other s at the bar would have gotten a good show if they would have looked. We kissed and then he licked his finger and rubbed my clit right there. I grinded into him and he rubbed my swollen clit till I came again right there in the entrance way.

I put my head on his shoulder and caught my breath before we went back outside so I could smoke. It was a little chilly outside but we were creating out own heat. We found a quiet spot outside next to the pool on a lounge chair. Miguel laid back on the chair and pulled his pants down enough for me to get to his cock. Somehow I got on all fours between his legs with my bare ass in the air and licked all over his cock. I was hungry for a good fucking and I eagerly sucked his cock til he yelled for me to stop. Then I lowered my wet pussy onto his cock. I held onto the chair for leverage and fucked him under the stars. I squeezed my pussy muscles hard to hear him moan. We changed positions and I turned around, facing the opposite way for a reverse cowgirl. The height of the chair was so perfect and I bounced on his cock with ease. I leaned forward and then back on him to work it in deeper squeezing his cock. When I leaned forward Miguel seized his opportunity to play with my asshole. He got a few fingers in and made me cum real good. At some point a few guys walked toward us. I guess they couldn’t see us from where they were standing. I must have been pretty loud though. They were busy talking but when it dawned on them that we were busy fucking they apologized and walked back inside. I turned around to face Miguel. We stopped fucking just short of Miguel cumming. We both agreed it would be awesome to finish fucking in bed so we could just roll over afterwards and go to sleep. It was getting pretty late so we headed out of the bar and got our beer back so we could do just that.

I was still really horny and as soon as we got in the car. I helped Miguel pull down his pants a little so I could suck his cock on the long drive home. I licked and sucked as best as I could at the awkward angle. I took my time licking and sucking the head and shaft. I did it slow, then fast, then slow again alternating where my tongue was and the amount of pressure. Occasionally I sat up so I could play with it with my hands. To me it seemed that we were home in no time. I swear the car just knows where to go, no way Miguel was very mindful of our route.

When we got home, we checked on the kids and let my Mom know we were back before rushing to the room to finish what we started. Miguel got naked and laid down I stripped off my dress and bra and crawled back to get his cock in my mouth again. Once I got it nice and hard I laid next to Miguel. He fucked me real good. We finished the fucking session with me on all fours and him slamming into me with his thumb in my ass. I know he really wanted to fuck my ass but in the end he didn’t……..I guess we will save that for another time.


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