Wild Wednesday Night (con’t)

So then we headed into the bedroom… He has a nice king-sized bed for us to play in. On the way to the room he kisses me. It wasn’t the first time that night, we kissed before we got in the hot tub. But this kiss was amazing, and it sent chills down my spine. Good kisser means he knows what to do with his tongue, knows how to soften his lips and suck. I love a good kisser….

We got into the room and he had me lay back on the bed and he ate me out. He was real good and had me cumming in his mouth. I leaned my head over the edge and Miguel fucked my mouth. These two guys had my full attention and I wanted to please them both. The guy got up and went to the side where Miguel was at and I flipped myself over so I could suck his cock. Miguel moved to the side where he was at and he ate my ass. I was so wet and ready for a hard cock. I was on all fours begging him to stick it in. He took a few pictures and teased me with his fingers in my pussy. He passed the camera to Miguel. Then he fucked me doggie style.

I reached over and stroked Miguel’s cock while I was getting fucked. His cock was a good size and hit me in the right spots. Then he flipped my onto my back and he fucked me for a while with my legs over his shoulders. When he sat straight up Miguel moved in and fed his cock into my mouth. Eventually, he was ready to cum and he took the condom off. I got down on my knees in front of him and he stroked his cock. When he came it shot all over my neck and tits and ran down to my stomach. Too bad we didn’t get a picture of that….
Miguel and I got dressed and said our goodbyes after that. He was a great host and a good fuck, I am glad we were able to play with him. Miguel took me home (after feeding me taco bell) and we had some awesome sex. Miguel and I have some new dildos at home and he tried them all out on me before fucking me to orgasm with his own cock. It was an awesome night!



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