Wild Ride

Tonight is Ladies Night at EWS! Miguel and I had to make special child care arrangements since my Mom went on vaca to my brother’s. I am really excited to go out there again since the crowd was so sexy last time. I think we will be bringing my new strap-on and see if we can find a lucky lady to try it out on…..tonight is gonna be awesome!!!

We invited someone over night before last, but he couldn’t make it. It seems everyone has family in town. Damn it!! He would have been extra fun since he is black with a bbc and would have made for awesome pictures…..sigh! Oh well that night I had a few beers in hopeful anticipation. I put on something extra sexy and waited. Miguel was purty horny too cuz when i turned on the bed to check my phone, he pulled my pants half way down and started eating my ass with full gusto before I knew it! He got me sooo wet with anticipation, then he told me to roll over and pulled my pants completely off before burying his face in my pussy. He always hits my clit really good with his tongue and he had me cumming his mouth in no time.Then he stripped his pants off and buried his cock to the hilt.

Our exploits lately with each other have gotten almost angry with lust as we paw and bite at each other hunching together to get more. He pulled out suddenly and told me to scoot my ass to the edge of the bed. He fucked me at full speed for a while, commenting on how very wet I was, and the sound my pussy made as he slammed it in me again and again. Then he did something unexpected….he leaned over me and told me to grab him around his neck. Then Miguel picked me up off the bed and we fucked standing up. We have a mirror for a headboard and he said it looked so fucking hot as I bounced on his cock. He came soon after with his cock buried in me, his knees went weak as he moaned. We landed on the bed totally spent. Man I wish we could of got that shit on video, I would love to have seen it again and again. Next time we have someone over we will do that again and get a few pictures……

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