We tried something different…

We finally made it out to a different club last night. We drove all the way down south, followed the crazy directions. We ended up on this half paved, half dirt path for over half a mile, with woods on one side and a ditch on the other. We finally got to the house and there is only like 6 cars. We figured we should at least get out and check the place out. But it was just grenades inside.
It was pretty nice inside with two floors of party area. It was laid out pretty nice, especially the play rooms. No pool table though, and for us that is almost a deal breaker. We hung out for about an hour, but there were not enough sexy people. I could tell by the looks we were getting, and the way the host followed us around, that we were probably gonna be the most popular couple in the place. They were all trying to call dibs on us, but we surprised them. We got our beer back from the bar, and headed back to our regular club. Much to their surprise, I’m sure.
It was pretty packed last night, we got there around 1015. I had been drinking since before we left the house so I was feeling really great the minute we walked in. We played some pool (I was actually kicking Miguel’s ass last night at pool!), we talked to a few couples, we did some dancing. Miguel and I danced for over a hour and we got all sweaty. It was pretty cool out last night and it felt great outside. It was a really fun night. We went into the room twice, just us. I think we were both just so ready to go after all that dancing, we didn’t wanna have to court another couple. It has been a few days since we had sex and it made for a really hot fucking session. They got a massage table in this room we went into both times and the height is just perfect for me to lay back, hold on to the edge, and get a good fucking. Miguel was really aggressive last night, he was smacking my ass and fucking real hard. He fucked me doggie style. Miguel licked my clit for a while too, and I came multiple times.
We are trying to get a single guy for tonight. I am so ready after last night. It is still early, we’ll see what happens.

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