Vodka and Blue don’t mix well!

Today was kind of a blur I kept thinking about what happened last night…..I had clinicals again today and I can’t believe tomorrow I will have completed my second whole week of clinicals. We got invited out by this really hot guy to his awesome house, and I overindulged. He was feeding me vodka thou.. I know this will come as a shock but I have NO idea when to stop when it come to vodka, so I just kept taking shots till it was too late…..


The night started off beautifully! This guy was prepared with drinks. We each made a drink and I took a few shots. We decided to sit outside since the weather was so pleasant and I could smoke. The outside of the house was just as impressive as the inside complete with a pool. Unfortunately the water was too cold for a dip. This guy was in excellent shape and so completely down to earth, despite the fact that his house was so very impressive. After about thirty minutes of great conversation I asked for the ladies and he walked me towards the door, then he kissed me… He was a great kisser!


When I got back he brought out a bowl of grapes and strawberries and we all nibbled. After a little while he helped me undress and then the guys got undressed as well. There was a lot of kissing and licking. I sat back in the chair and I started to suck his cock. He picked up a strawberry and bit into it and had me sit back in the chair, then he traced the strawberry along my labia lips and along my clitoris. Then he licked it off. He then told me how good I tasted mixed with the strawberry juice. After all this I was really ready to see his bedroom and get a good fucking. He led us inside and up the stairs to his master suite, complete with a private balcony. We were all completely naked and he gave us a quick tour of his suite then took the comforter off his king sized bed. I crawled across it and he met me on the other side so I could get back to getting his cock ready for me.


This guy was an excellent lover and changed position a few times so that I could get better access to Miguel’s cock to suck it. I did get Miguel’s cock nice and hard and even tasted his pre-cum. Things were going really great, and then I got a no-so-good feeling in my gut. My head started to swim in a no-so-good way and I had to stop everything to go to the ladies. I threw-up. Man! Leave it to me to ruin a perfect night! I came out and told the guys what happened and we stepped out on the balcony to get some fresh air. He promised that next time I come over we will fuck out there as well as on the bed. He e-mailed me today and assured me that that will not be our last meeting. I wrote him back and said I hope to see him again soon. So I guess this story is to be continued……..

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