Three Times we’re out

Finally! I am ready to tell you about Saturday night. Is it too late?
Nah! It is only Tuesday, and this is a short week anyways…us Irish folks are gonna start the weekend on Thursday.
We went to Eyz Wide Shut in Tampa, FL….I don’t have the camouflage skirt in these pics put the stockings are enough to tell the story I think….

We ended up going over to the lodging side about three separate times. I knew it was gonna be a really hot night. I could feel it. We choose to go into the orgy room. There were people all over the room in various states of arousal and lust. I saw people there letting their inhibitions go. All the couples played separately, but together, in this massive room of sex.


We started out with Miguel licking and sucking to get me ready, but every session of lust ended with me riding his cock. I didn’t mind at all cause sitting up gave me a great view of all the sex going on around me. We had a few couples just watching. Some were just getting or receiving oral, most were fucking. Feeding off of all the sexy people in the room. I saw a couple across from us and he was jacking his cock on her clit. He was probably trying to get it hard, but she was getting off on it and it was so damned sexy to watch.

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