The First Swing

Our first swing couple experience almost made me change my mind about the whole thing. We met them on a local website, and seemed to be pretty compatible in our sexual preferences and turn ons. This was gonna be a soft swap with light play. We met them at a billiards bar and I immediately got my drink on.  They beat us at every game, they were pool sharks. After a few beers and heavy flirting, they took us home. They had everything set up at their house; jello shots, hot tub, toys, porn….everything.

We started out by getting in the hot tub. Naked hot tub fun! The girl and I ran in a few times for more jello shots, so we were feeling really good. The guys were definitely ready to fuck after watching her and make out in the hot tub. She had a smallish frame was so soft and tasted so good. We headed back inside and popped on some porn. She got her toys out and we put on a good show for the guys. It took her a long time to cum, she was quite used to the toys and needed a lot of stimulation. I did my best to get her off. When it was my turn, I came right away. She was kissing me and playing with my breasts and when she put that toy on my clit, I was writhing in orgasm. We switched partners and she got down and started sucking Miguel’s cock. He was loving the view of a guy playing with my pussy. The guy leaned down to kiss my lips….


Then something really not cool happened…..she stopped what she was doing to Miguel. I mean popped the cock out of her mouth and started yelling at her man. “We agreed no kissing! You kissed her! Remember our rules?”

What?….Miguel and I were totally shocked. There is a time and a place to discuss these things, not in the middle of play! Her man apologized. She calmed down and we just switched partners so I got Miguel and she was with her man. He fucked me so good on that couch. Then they disappeared for a few minutes and Miguel and I got ready to jet! It is really funny now to think how some people function. Her man was really calm when she freaked out. I can only assume that this was a normal occurrence for them.


We made a rule of our own on the way home. NO DRAMA! Save that shit for between play dates, or better yet… out the crap in your relationship, and leave swinging to happy secure couples!


We met up with them one more time a few weeks later. We thought we would be nice and give them another chance. We met them at the same billiards bar and had a few beers. She started nagging him about why he wouldn’t marry her. Miguel and I politely got up, said we’d talk to them later, and left the bar. Miguel talked to them online a few months later and they asked if we could come out and play. Miguel asked them if they could guarantee no drama, and the conversation ended. I guess not!


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  2. Max says:

    I found your blog searching for some toys for a current lover. I read your post about the “First Swing” experience. I remember one of my first negative experiences. I was doggy style with a beautiful lady, her husband was spent and was just laying there watching. She had sucked him off so he looked like he was done. Suddenly I start cumming inside her, I was bare backing. She suddenly said “Ah your cumming” and she’s like loving it. She starts stroking herself and also starts to cum. All this was happening really quick. Her husband pulls her away and sternly said I told you not to let him cum inside. He pulled her so quickly that I came on his leg. She said your an asshole. They both start arguing while he’s wiping himself off. I start getting dressed, while they both start telling me to stay and have drinks, etc … But, I felt uncomfortable and told them maybe next time. They called me again to go by and watch a movie with them etc … Even though she was gorgeous, it somehow felt weird and uncomfortable. So I never saw them again.

  3. Rex says:

    Been there and can feel your pain….lol

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