Sunday with Miguel

I know I am giving you this out of order, but I needed to tell about our Sunday night. I have kinda a hectic lifestyle with four kids and this week has been extra busy as I try to get back in a grove with school for me and the kids, and Miguel gets back to work after a long holiday weekend. Sunday night Miguel and I had a really hot night. I have to brag, because our sex life just seems to get better and better. After waiting all day for Miguel to make up for not fucking me Saturday after we had a full swap, I got just what I was waiting for….

After the youngest child finally fell asleep, we got some quiet time. Miguel closed our bedroom door.We both hurriedly undressed, I could hardly wait to taste him. I sat back on the bed and Miguel walked over to me and I sucked his cock to it full magnificence. I licked all over his smooth balls and sucked them. Then I licked up and down the shaft before I took the head in my lips. I applied some suction over the head of his cock with my mouth and stroked the base with my hand. I did this slowly and intentionally before sucking as much deep as I could in my mouth. This went on for a few minutes before Miguel made me stop and told me to lay back on the bed.

He handed me my bullet and I touched it to my clitoris¬† for about 10 seconds before I had my first orgasm. He watched in anticipation before he entered my wet snatch and remarked at how wet I was. He fucked me good hitting all the right spots. He ground into me and I fucked him back, clenching his cock with my eager pussy. He fucked me fast and furious only slowing now and then to tell me how hot I looked getting fucked the night before and whisper naughty things in Spanish in my ear. I moaned louder than normal over the sounds our bodies made as we fucked. Somehow he even managed to play with my ass a bit in the missionary position. He penetrated my tight ass a little bit with his finger while he fucked me and I came instantly. I loved it when he says, shit babe you feel so good, I am so close to cumming. Then he told me he really wanted to cum in my mouth….. (Mmmm! I love this part.) Then he rolled over next to me and I took his cock in my mouth. I sucked and stroked and licked it till I got a mouthful of cum. I love the taste of his cum and I savored every drop. I sucked him till he stopped trembling and cleaned all the cum out off his cock.

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