Single Guy Sunday

Well last night was pretty awesome. Miguel gave me a list of single guys that had shown interest in our profile that he had already chatted with and I attempted to contact all of them. I was then gonna narrow them down by sexiness and location. Some guys are really willing to drive really far for a booty call. I live in populated area of Florida, people here shouldn’t be driving 50+ miles just to get laid. Horny people are everywhere right?
I did meet a few guys that were close and sexy but just couldn’t cum out last night. It was kinda short notice, so I am gonna give those boys a rain-check.
The guy that we ended up inviting over was really sexy. He drove kinda far to get here, but didn’t mind the short notice, so we cut him some slack when he was a little late. I love the single guys. Some guys really play this part well. Like, they understand that they are there to please me, and they do it well. Some guys really are too selfish or young to understand that and think they are just gonna get a blow-job. Miguel is pretty good at weeding those guys out in the before chats so I never meet them. This guy had been talking to Miguel for some time, even so far as to ask how our preemie was doing when he saw Miguel online, so I felt pretty good about inviting him over. He was really sexy and we got some fantastic pictures…
Of course I stripped down first, then I sat next to him on the bed. He got up and undressed and I sucked his cock to get it good and hard. He started fingering me after that and it got me good and wet. He slipped on the condom and fucked me real good. We went from a missionary position, to me with my legs on his shoulders, to him fucking me from behind (my favorite position). He came soon after he started fucking me from behind. He probably really enjoyed the view in the headboard mirror, I know I did. He got up to use the bathroom after that and Miguel took his turn. I love this part because I know every inch of Miguel and his cock always feels like the perfect fit, even after I just got fucked. He kept telling me how wet I was and how it felt so good. Miguel got it in really good from behind and he stopped just short of cumming so that we could walk our new friend out. He was pretty tired and had been drinking earlier so his recovery time would have kept him here too late for a weeknight. That is just as well, cuz I couldn’t wait to get back to fucking my Miguel.


All in all it was a pretty good night. A nice cherry on top for another great weekend.


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