Miguel texted me today and asked that I do some shopping for the weekend. There is something Miguel and I do called shopping….it is not what it should be. We have a profile set up on multiple sites and we make friends in the swinging community. We have hundreds of friends on the internet. Some of them are much too far away, some are not really real people, some just wanna flirt, a few get to meet us in person and end up on my blog. I hate shopping, it can be discouraging. I don’t expect perfection, but honesty would be nice…. Like a picture that is not 10 years old on your profile. Don’t say you are 5’6” and 130 when I know damn well your ass in the picture screams 190! Miguel is always shopping. He is always chatting with new people and if they seem cool he gives them my yahoo IM. Some days I get a text that says, hey chat with this person they seem cool. No details, I have to go through the whole thing about who are you and how did you and Miguel meet. It is not so bad, cause at least he does most of the screening for me. The nice thing about the sites is that people can certify/recommend other people on them, so they are certified a real person. We have a “few” certifications, lol.

The other way we meet people online is threw craig’s list. This is a more unreliable method. So many fakes on that site. Pic collectors! But if we wanna meet a single guy or a new couple, sometimes it is the best way. On craig’s list you can be really specific, and people will still answer with whatever they got. You say send a pic and they send plain text, it is ridiculous! Like this guy I was just talking to who said he was part of a couple, even invited us over, then admitted that they “just broke up”. Yup! And I just exchanged hot pics, with another pic collector I’m sure. What did he think was gonna happen? We were gonna be so horny to meet another couple that we would settle for half?

Which actually reminds me….we met this sexy couple at the club. That night we already had a “date” with another couple all lined up, so we exchanged numbers. She had a nice curvy figure and short blond hair. Something about this guy just had me ready to get it on. So we agreed to meet him at the bar a few days later. He said he usually screens people but that she would be meeting us at the bar later if she got off early. Well she didn’t. He assured me that she wouldn’t mind any play up to oral, but no actual sex. I really wanted to play with this couple. He had nice eyes and a cocky smile. So we fooled around a bit and made out and when he walked us to the van I played with his cock a bit. Miguel watched and I told the guy that I really wanted to play by her rules, so that we could all play together soon. I sucked Miguel’s cock almost all the way home. I was really turned on.

The next week he met us at a different bar by the house. I really wanted this guy and after some suggestive play at the bar we took him home. He reminded me of him and his wife’s agreement of no actual sex and I promised him that it would not go that far. I stripped down as soon as we got in the door and so did the guys. He ate my pussy for a long time. I sucked his cock really good, and then Miguel’s, and then his some more. We were all really horny, but I remembered that his wife didn’t want him to fuck me behind his back, so we stopped. At that point he was begging to fuck me, he promised not to tell her. But I told him no, and that we would all get together as soon as she could join us. Two days later he called and said his girl wasn’t interested in playing with Miguel. . .yea right! Whatever, I got good head…and at least I climaxed!

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