Shopping for Single Guys

We put a sorta call out for single men, and we have really been busy trying to get to know them all. Like I said the single guy is my favorite and I am sure that anytime Miguel and I get a chance we will be making appointments to meet some of them very soon. We actually had a vanilla date with one last night at a local bar that went really well, and I am looking forward to getting to know him much more intimately very soon (wink!).

We have had some very gifted boys over to play in the recent past. Pablo was definitely my favorite and probably always will be since we lost his damned number! We had put an add on craigslist for a muscular guy. I love the male body, and strong arms are my favorite. Pablo was like a fucking acrobat and in great shape. He wasn’t very tall, but he made me forget all about his “short-cummings” when he fucked me every which way, (please see my favorite pics to get the idea). He spoke Spanish in my ear as he fucked me, too. All kinds of nasty stuff I am sure, but it really turned me on. The great thing about him was that he was local, and could show up with hardly any prior notice.
The other guy that really sticks out in my memory was a pretty young army boy. I think he was stationed close by for a short time, and has since been transferred out of state. Too bad really! He kept telling Miguel how he really loved to eat pussy and couldn’t wait to make me cum on his face over and over. I really doubted his skills when Miguel told me he was only 19. I will never make that mistake again. I usually like older men. they are just better lovers and know how to please. Miguel had me handcuffed and blindfolded when he came over. I have total trust in Miguel. I didn’t even get a look at him until it was over and all three of us had cum real good. This guy had his face in my pussy for at least an hour and a half. When he got done there was a wet spot on the bed, it was that damned good folks! He fucked me so good. His dick was long and hit all the right spots. I felt a tiny bit of guilt after when I saw his face, he looked so young. That guy is going to make women happy wherever he goes.
We have excellent pictures of both of these guys in action. I am hoping to get new pics very, very soon.


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