Sex and Cigarettes

This last couple weeks have been really busy for us….we almost look popular!
We met a new couple on Monday night. They were totally new to the lifestyle. We met them at a bar around eight o’clock. They were a very sweet couple, super sexy too! We talked for over an hour, they listened to some of our stories and then they decided to take us home. This couple really wanted to soft swap with only same room sex, no light play. I thought it was gonna be a tame sort of encounter, they totally blew me away! It was so damned hot to have them right there. They were so verbal and so very sexy. She was pretty thin but very sexy naked…and he was very well proportioned. They both got so into it, Miguel and I stopped what we were doing to watch. She was talking so dirty to him, I know it really turned him on (it really turned me on!). It was like live porn! I would never have believed this was their first audience. He says she is like that all the time. This conservative looking woman. It goes to show that you never really know how people behave in bed behind closed doors, unless they take you home! It was a very hot night, definitely worth the drive. I would love to meet that couple again.
In reality, we probably won’t thou.
Because well……I have two vices, I drink and I smoke cigarettes.
Miguel does not smoke, and he never makes it an issue. It is a good thing too because try as I might to quit, I haven’t be able to get free of cigarettes. I know for some people, it doesn’t really matter if I smoke. I try to be considerate when I smoke and I carry breath mints with me all the time.To some people this is still a huge turn-off, so I always ask Miguel to tell people I smoke. I ask to him so that I won’t have to apologize for smoking and feel like a total outcast as I puff away outside by myself, because we are in non-smoking world with a couple. I thought we would be okay even though he didn’t ask this couple because the bar they asked to meet us at was a smoking bar. I was delighted to see the ashtray at the bar! After the first beer I really wanted to smoke. They didn’t make an issue out of it. I am sure it was really no big deal to them, and I had a few cigarettes while standing at the bar,(away from our table), because she didn’t really like smoke and he was an ex-smoker. The next day I went on one of the websites where they met Miguel and I read this couple’s profile. It clearly says “drinkers okay, no smokers”. What a bummer! My stupid habit that is actually killing me is probably gonna keep them from calling us again. That totally sux! I guess it would be better if I did a bit more research before we met a couple.

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