Sad news lovelies….I am not getting the hitachi wand for x-mas! ………I know right!
I guess they are sold completely out and will not have it in stock in time for x-mas. This is very sad indeed! I did get some new batteries for my favorite bullet and the strap-on came in already. We have not got a chance to use it as of yet. It is really nice with a vibrator for me and it even came with a blindfold, yea like we need another one. Miguel has been shopping for a unicorn to try out our strap on….we’ll see how great it is hopefully in the near future! Anyways…. Miguel and I are going to the club tonight, they are having a x-mas party. We have arranged to meet¬† up with a sexy single Latin guy there tonight. In the pics it looked like he had a very nice package……hmm mmm!

We had a cancellation last night. I really hate that shit. I know that people have lives and all but I was looking forward to meeting some new people last night. Miguel and I went power shopping instead for our four, (yes 4), little ones. Last night we passed out without even having sex, both of us totally exhausted. I guess we will be making up for that tonight….. I will definatly let you know how it goes, all the juicy details. Since we are going to the club there will be no pics, (can’t take a camera), so I will give you one from my collection to think about. I hope to be looking like that later tonight…

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