My Little Secret

A funny thing happened a few months back. We had a couple over our place, they were pretty young and we had mostly of girl on girl action. Miguel was taking photos and the guy from the other couple was also taking photos. This guy was playing director, asking us to try different angles. It was different and a little uncomfortable but I think it was his first experience with taking pictures. After a few hints from Miguel he finally put away the camera and we got down to business. It was a soft swap, so I paired with Miguel and she with her man. We parted and agreed that we should meet again.

A few days later, Miguel and I were looking on craig’s list and there is an ad for a sexy young couple with a bi-curious female, that wants to do a soft swap. We open the ad the, and it is a pic of a girl straddling another girl and her face is blacked out. I recognized the sheets, and some of the bedroom furniture in the picture. Wouldn’t you know it? It is that same young couple and the naked girl on the bottom is me! The picture was takin in my room.

Sometimes when I go out, I think people recognize me. When a person stares too long, or gets a mischievous grin. We are on multiple adult sites, and it seems our pics are everywhere on the internet. We even have a few videos with me playing the starring role. It is a kinda funny because I never know, did they recognize me? I used to work retail and I was a little horrified to think of someone calling me out to my co-workers. Exposing my secret….i am a swinger. Miguel and I fuck other people, and we like it. My vanilla friends,(as I like to call them), don’t have a clue. I hear them tell all their exciting stories about how their weekend went, and I bite my tongue. Some of them would even say I am uptight cause I don’t kiss and tell about my weekends, and I never tell them what clubs I frequent. Can you imagine their surprise?
When I see people sometimes I size them up. We never know the real truth about people and their sex lives. Almost everyone of my ex’s wanted to invite someone else in the bedroom, but openly swing, no never! The thought of sharing on a regular basis is taboo. Right now, I really don’t care if people know who I am. I am a bit of a slut, you mine as well know the truth. I like to have sex.

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