Mind Vomit

Sometimes I forget just how different our lifestyle is.  For example: I was in class today and the girls are having a discussion about wearing all white for graduation.  They were talking about how tacky it is to wear panties that show, like colored panties……What? I rarely ever wear panties that show guys…. I really didn’t wanna incriminate myself so I just kept my mouth shut.  These are the same type of girls that would never kiss a girl. Nuff said!  I don’t associate with these types of girl unless I have to.
I saw an article on msn that talked about how 70% of guys don’t think it’s cheating if the girl cheats with another girl.  Really?
That seems a bit off to me, since most men are very possessive and most of the women I see are prude.  Maybe that is the number of guys that wish their girlfriend/wife would get with another woman??  I don’t know.  Maybe it is just me but life is really too short to limit sex to only half the population….I am sure all the guys will disagree with me on this thou. I wanna have as much sex as possible before I die, or get too old to swing.  What is the cut off age for this lifestyle anyways?  I have seen some really active people into their 50′s, and hey their are plenty of swingers at that age.  At the place we used to go to their is an older lady (like 70ish) that goes every Saturday and she wears the sexy get-ups too, but she is way too old for those outfits.  I think 58 is probably the cutoff for women, if they still look half-way decent that is.  You gotta have something to offer to the swinging community.
I love our lifestyle.  I hope I am not out there looking ridiculous, but as long as it feels this good I am gonna do it.  We missed an opportunity earlier this week because Miguel was sick. Sometimes life just gets in the way of swinging.  School, work, kids, health, gym (gotta add that here instead of smoking), things are always gonna get in the way.  We have some hot stuff coming up this weekend thou.  It is gonna be “Latin Night” at one of our favorite clubs.  I know I am Caucasian, but I feel Latin by association….. Latin boyfriend, half Latin baby, I even sit next to a Latin girl in class and you know what I am starting to even hear her heavy accent.  [She has no idea about our lifestyle. She is only 22 and I know she kinda looks up to me.....she would never see me the same.  (Remember how narrow your focus was at 22?)  I bet she is the kind of girl that would kiss a girl thou, so associating with her is all right]
Anyways, I am really hoping to hook up with that Hot Tamale again….. I am just gonna put myself out there this weekend and see what happens.


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