Mind Vomit 2

Another busy week for Miguel and I as we navigate our busy lives with an active swinger lifestyle.
Wednesday night we went out and met a newbie couple at a vanilla location for a “date”. We met this couple via an ad we had out looking for someone to host us….I am beginning to wonder why we bother because of course no one was actually available to host us that night (when was that last satuday? i can’t remember). Anyways, Miguel has made a few new friends via the ad that he has been talking to all week. This particular couple was super nice, but guess what?? She doesn’t speak English! She was sexy enough for this not to be a real issue, since Spanish was her native tongue, Miguel and her man double talked every bit of the conversation in both languages. I think we made a good impression and they are on our “to do” list as soon as we can get our schedules to match up.

We have a wedding to do this Friday. Miguel is gonna officiate it (un-officially, since they are technically already married). We met this couple about a year ago, soft swap. The were both married to other people at the time. I think they were acquaintances, and then they just hooked up? Their love story is something of a fairy tale, since they both found each other at the right time, and now they are gonna live happily (and fulfilled sexually) ever-after. They are really sexy, and great hosts. We met them online. We had a couple drinks at a local restaurant, and then they took us home…. This couple kicked our asses at “spades”, after much shit-talking from Miguel and I. We have seen them a few other times after that, including the “sexy ass bitch” night, where we played in the same room. It has not been exclusively us and them though since that night, but we will most definitely play with them again. We were pretty surprised when we got the call that they wanted Miguel to be in the wedding. I am sure it is gonna be a great time and hopefully Miguel will not choke as he leads the ceremony (no pressure hunny!).
Okay, the point of all of this backround information is that they took us out to eat on Friday at a nice place on the beach. It was just a “date” but I know we both wet our appetites for a future hook-up….after the honeymoon of course! We saw this couple again last night when we went to eyz wide shut. They are total exhibitionists, and very sexy. We caught them last night fucking in one of the playrooms, with the curtain open, and we watched. (who doesn’t like a good show?) Very entertaining, totally lube worthy. Her legs up over his shoulders and his ass pumping his cock into her, mmmm! Good stuff!

I wanna tell you about our experience playing last night, but I feel I need to get some photos done first. I wanted to wear something green yesterday, since st.patty’s day is around the corner. We looked around but I couldn’t find any sexy green panties, I guess there is only really a market for that around this time of year? I have a cute little, (very little), green camouflage skirt, and I wanted to wear thigh highs with it. I was going to wear the garter belt and everything. One the way to the club, as I was changing in the car (you know, cause I can’t leave the house looking like a slut cause my children might see) my stockings got caught on something that caused a runner, and I couldn’t wear them. Damn it! BUT, I remembered that there was a naughty clothing store right down the street, so we stopped and I got some thigh high fish-net stockings to wear. The looked really hot, and I didn’t even need a garter belt with them.
The point of all this back round information is that I am gonna wait to tell you about last night, till I get some pics to accompany the story….so stay tuned Lovelies, more to come soon.

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