I would like to explore masturbation with you. When do you masturbate and what triggered it? I need input here as the only thing I have to go on is the few conversation I have had with friends and lovers.
I masturbate. I was really surprised to find that some people do not. I even had a lover once (he wasn’t much of one) but he told me he never did. I immediately called him on this lie and he admitted he did but doesn’t do “that” anymore. The relations ended quickly after that…. I learned then that guys can be frigid too.

I don’t too often but there was a time when I did at least daily, so I think it has something to do with how often you are getting sex. Now I masturbate about once a week. It kinda depends on the tools too. I have a great “bullet” that does the trick very nicely and without it, well… it just takes a long time. Too long, really. I have tried it manually but sometimes I don’t get there (to the actual orgasm) and that is very frustrating.

Maybe it doesn’t matter, thou. I had a male friend years ago that told me he did daily, even in the bathroom at work. I had fun trying to picture this since the bathroom had stalls and I imagined people going in to do their business and him jacking off just a few feet away.
Okay mutual masturbation is something entirely different I don’t even count this since I am so turned on by my lover and the sexual act that well….it just doesn’t count since it is during a sex act with another person (or persons).
I am talking about solo sex…. by yourself. Just you and you know all the right ways to get yourself there. How often do you do it and what triggers it? Sometimes I can just think about an orgasm and have to go masturbate. This usually happens just as I am laying down to take a quick nap. I close my eyes and then I think….holy shit! I could be cumming right now!… is the perfect time and I am all alone. I can sleep when I am dead!
Do you use any tools? I know they make some great tools for masturbation. Not just mechanical either, mental tools. I used to read letters to penthouse….great masturbation material. Now a days I just close my eyes and picture Miguel….really, the sex is that hot!
Omg! Have you ever been caught masturbating? I have! I had a boyfriend walk in on me just as I hit orgasm. We had not been together very long and it was pretty embarrassing. I think for him more so than me. He cold have turned it into another fantasy but he ruined the moment, that is why he is an ex. He got all embarrassed and couldn’t stop apologizing. Okay enough self incrimination, I really want to hear from you. I have a poll up and I hope you will give me your input.¬† I wanna read your comments about when and if you have ever been caught and what you use when you masturbate.
Let me know….leave me a comment.

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