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Hey yea it’s Saturday!  Going out to EWS tonight.  There are quite a few couples signed up to go from a local website.  It is sexy lingerie night,  I have the perfect outfit picked out…..

On a more personal note,  I quit smoking (cigarettes, of course I don’t use drugs).  I actually quit on Wednesday afternoon.  This will be like my 9th quit.  I quit once for as long as 2 1/2 years and another time I quit for only 2 1/2 days.

I count every attempt as worthy of something.

At least I am learning when not to quit.

I am using the nicotine patch.  I didn’t know my insurance would cover the costs,  but they are required by law to cover smoking cessation.  So all I had to do was get a prescription.

I feel pretty good.

So far this has been a great quit.  I figured if I can quit through this I should be able to stay quit.

School is very stressful, and I am not quite sure what to do with myself when we get a break.  I actually hung out with the smokers on Friday at break, it just feels wrong to be with the non-smokers.

At home not smoking gives me extra free time.  I literally have to stop everything I am doing and go outside to smoke at home.  I gained time back by not smoking.

I also got a membership to a gym too.   The nice part is I can take my kids.  So when I go work out I am getting them out of the house too.   I have worked out three out of four days.  I have some pent up anger that I am slowly sweating out of my system.  I feel great about this too.  I am a bit sore.  It feels delicious.  Cause I earned it, with my angry sweat.  Lots of nice eye candy at the gym too.  HmmMmmm!

I am really hoping to counteract the extra munching I am doing with working out.  I know not smoking is so much better.  Believe me, I have a whole list of reasons not to smoke.  The bottom line is my bad attitude that just says, FUCK IT!!!  Suffering with this, then I am okay, wait….back to suffering.

Hope you all are making good with your resolutions/ promises to yourself.


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