Last Saturday’s Fun

It has been a few weeks now since we have played with anyone else. This is not by choice but just timing and circumstance. Miguel has been talking to quite a few people online so hopefully soon I will have some more swinging type encounters to share. We have decided to give ladies night at EWS another shot. It has really become our new favorite club. Yes, it is a bit pricey but the clientele is just sexy and the set up is perfect. I went shopping today and found the cutest little outfit to show off tomorrow night. We are going to get some pics before we go out and I promise to upload some new ones before this weekend.

Saturday we went shopping. Not the kind of shopping we usually do, but shopping for some sexy clothes for me. We found the cutest little pink spandex skirt with a matching top. I was anxious to wear it when we went out on Saturday. Most of the usual hot spots we attend actually had nothing going on this past Saturday. I guess everyone was all partied out from Friday night (New Years Eve). So we went down south to a club/house over the skyway bridge. This place is very exclusive. You have to pre-register online and then they send you an invitation via e-mail with directions. It is about 1/2 mile off the road and very private. We have been there before but the party wasn’t really our scene. We wanted to give this place one more chance, thou. It has a nice set-up and lots of potential for fun.

We got there and it was pretty much the same as last time. We felt like rock stars because we were the best looking couple there, (not to mention the youngest!). The good news was that I had my Miguel with me to make sure I had an excellent night. I was feeling really sexy in my short skirt with no panties. As we explored the top “play” floor, we found a little cubby hole that used to be a closet. Miguel ate my pussy as I playful laid back and told him he should do me right then. Of course he has more restraint then that and he didn’t, he just left me wanting more. We finished exploring, kind of trying to figure out which room we were going to be using later. We found ourselves a seat on the couch upstairs and Miguel again took full advantage of the ease of access to my pussy. Most everyone was sitting outside on the deck except one couple who sat at the bar. Miguel gave them a good show as I leaned back and he slipped his hand up my thigh to my pussy. I got real wet, real quit as he rubbed my slit with his fingers. I came on his hand after only a few strokes. I recovered fast, refreshed my drink and we went outside to socialize while I had a quick smoke. The conversation got dull in about the time it took me to finish my cigarette. I looked over and Miguel was waiting for me in the doorway with his hand held out. I grabbed his hand and we found our way back to the nearest room.

We found a room that had a bed, a couch and a leather chair. The chair immediately reminded me of the way the lounge chairs were by the pool at the club so I had Miguel sit back on it while I undid his pants. I was right and the height of it was almost exactly the same giving me the best leverage to ride his cock. His cock slid right in as it was already hard and straining in his pants for release. I rocked my hips and fucked him good till he came inside me. We were both really spent after that, so for us the party was over. On the deck it looked like the party was just getting started as the voices were getting louder and the conversation was getting juicier. We both got ourselves cleaned up and left, much to everyone’s dismay. They stopped us on the way out, but we told them we had a long drive back and needed to get going. We probably won’t ever be going back there, but at least we had some fun

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