Juicy Night

Much fun was had by all last night when we re-visited our single guy friend.  He threatened that he had a whole flat of strawberries that he wanted to suck out of my pussy, but alas…we did not do that.  This guy was a great host and made me feel very welcome in his home.  He offered us drinks and we sat and chatted for about an hour.  We talked about the dynamics of swinging as a couple, sometimes singles are just easier to play with.  He said when him and his ex used to swing they used single guys almost like a dildo, using them as a turn on to intensify their sex life.  I can totally relate to this train of thought.  I think he wanted to be my dildo for the night.
This guy was an excellent kisser and he was in great shape.

Fucking him was like participating in a high intensity sport, and we all made out like winners.  He licked and sucked my clit like a champion and had me turned and twisting to meet his tongue.  He fucked my face til his cock hit the back of my throat and I gagged and teared but I loved every minute of it.  He then instructed me to fuck his face….and I did
……..I fucked it good

He bent my body to ensure his dominance over my will and I totally submitted to it….

His cock wasn’t really large, but he certainly knew how to work it.  Mmmm, the intensity of his cock as he thrust into my soaking wet pussy……….well, let’s just say the man rocked me!
I was turned on by the guy and what he was doing to me, but what really turned me on was to think of Miguel watching some guy fuck me like that.  I wanted him to see that I could take it, I wanted him to know how much it turned me on to see him stroking his cock as he watched.  He had his finger in my ass and I came and came, I was soaking wet.  I was stretching and reaching for Miguel’s cock so he could know that he was my turn on, it was his cock I was getting ready for…..

When it came to be Miguel’s turn, his cock slid right in.  I was soaked with pussy juice and Miguel loved it. He slammed his cock into me.  His perfect cock hit all the right spots.  When he pulled out to cum, it shot all over my stomach, tits, and some even got in my hair.  My baby has a porno style cum shooting penis.  That was a waste, next time I will catch his cum in my mouth.
I am so in love with this man, who helped to turn me into a total slut.
I am his slut.
I love our lifestyle.


  1. Swingguy_2Play says:

    Hon, you are absolutely incredible! Reading your blog gets my cock rock hard! I’m an extremely active and experienced swinger in the upper-Midwest and you and Miguel are perfect examples of why the lifestyle rocks! I’m contemplating my own blog and you give me inspiration!

    I host regular swing parties in my home and monthly gang bangs, so if you ever get up my way….give me a shout out!


  2. storm says:

    i would of loved to see a cumshot. a pic of you covered in cum.

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