Hot Tamale

Last night we went out to meet some friends at a swinger club.

We had been there for a few hours.  Miguel and I went upstairs and fucked as we usually do to start the night off.  We found a little room and we left the door open.  He likes to get me wet and anticipating more.  He sucked my clit and then rammed his cock in my pussy till I got nice and hot.  We got naked in the hot tub, sucked and fingered the sexy couple from last week, and got dressed again.  Towards the end of the night I looked across the room and saw Miguel kissing a sexy Latin chic.  I made my way over to where they were and Miguel offered his lap to me.  He gathered me into his arms as I sat down and immediately the woman put her hand on my thigh.
“I noticed you last weekend in your sexy nightie, but you were busy with another couple. I wanted you then.”  We made small conversation and then she kissed me.  A long sweeping tongue into my mouth.  Sweet softness of her lips as she engulfed my inhibitions. She leaned her head down and pulled my top to the side exposing my nipple.
She licked and bit my nipple. There were couples all around us in the dimly lit patio, but I didn’t care.   She aggressively rubbed my thigh up to my panties and found my sweet spot.  Her fingers worked me and I submitted to her touch.  She was so hot and she was getting me wet for her.  He husband sat across from us and quietly watched.  He was Latin also with a sexy build.  I smiled over at him and he smiled back.  Such a handsome man, all manly and broad shoulders, and I really wanted him.

She pulled me upstairs, and Miguel and her man followed as we found a room.  I stripped down and laid back.  She laid down next to me and we kissed and fondled each others breasts.  Then she licked her way down to my snatch.   Miguel was working her pussy with his hands and her man was tonging my mouth and tweaking my nipples.  She sucked my clit and fingered my pussy till I came with loud moans in her mouth.  She turned her attention to Miguel and I rubbed her man’s cock.  He was hard and ready but I still wanted to taste him, so I licked and sucked him till he moaned.   He then licked and sucked my clit, while I listened the sounds of Miguel licking her.  Miguel moaned into her pussy and I creamed in her man’s face even more.
He sat up and reached for the condom and I watched him put it on his hard cock.  As he pushed his cock in I looked over and saw her sucking Miguel, his eyes half closed.  He slammed into me with urgency.  I hunched back to meet his thrusts and clamped my pussy muscles tight on his cock.  He grunted and licked my neck as he fucked me.  He thrust his tongue into my mouth for one more kiss before he pulled out and asked me to turn around.  Miguel and the woman were done at this point and they put all their attentions on us.  She pulled and pinched my nipples and Miguel came around to kiss my lips as I got a good fucking doggie style and some ass play with her man’s fingers.  He came after only a few minutes in that position.  I was still wanting more of her after wards and my mouth found her open thighs.  I worked her clit with my tongue and my fingers while I buried the other hand in her tight pussy.  I got her so hot jacking her off and rubbing her slit that she flipped me over and straddled me. So I tweaked her nipples and licked and sucked them as she rode out her long orgasm on me, riding me as if I had a cock to fill her.
They were suck a hot fuck.
We recovered and got dressed soon after that and she mentioned that she has a double dildo that she would love to share with me.  I told her about my strap on with the three different sized cocks.
Needless to say, we will be meeting this couple again in the near future.


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