Hot night at home

Last night we had a unicorn over. The sexy Latin girl I was telling you about from last Saturday, she came over and made our night awesome.

Miguel suggested I wear a mini skirt with no panties and a black top. Being the good submissive I am I was happy to oblige.  We invited her in our private entrance and made some small talk. I leaned over to show her some pics we had recently taken and Miguel got behind me and played with my pussy. Miguel had been telling her how stressed I have been due to school and the kids and she offered to give me a massage. So I stripped off my mini skirt, black tee shirt and bra laid down on the bed. Miguel helped her out of her clothes. She was a little over dressed in a black strapless shirt and jeans. She got some lotion out of her fun bag and rubbed me down. She started at my shoulders and worked her way down to my calves. After about 20 minutes I felt like butter in her hands.

I suggested we do the same for her. She laid down and we rubbed her down. Miguel worked on her back and shoulders, while I massaged her sexy ass and legs. Her massage didn’t last quite as long cause I couldn’t wait to play with her pussy. I got one of my toys out and gave her clit a light massage. I told her to roll on her back so we could have better access. I kept working on her clit and pussy while Miguel kissed her and played with her breasts. I really wanted to her to cum for me so I fingered her and massaged her clit with my vibrating toy. I started out with one and worked my way up to almost my whole hand jamming her pussy while she moaned.

After she came really good, she wanted to eat my pussy so I laid down and got down near the edge of the bed and went to work. She lightly grazed my sensitive clit with her tongue and fingered my pussy. After a few minutes of this Miguel got behind her and worked his cock in.  She lost track of what she was doing, so I sat up and grabbed my vibrating toy and started rubbing my clit while I watched them fuck. Miguel was really enjoying himself as he fucked her and watched me play with myself. They were in my favorite position, doggie style with him standing behind her. He grabbed her hair and rammed it in her and she came with loud moans of pleasure.

He promised to save his come for me, because I love it so much. He pulled out of her and pulled the condom off. She went back to licking my clit and Miguel worked it in while she licked me. I was so wet Miguel had no problem slipping his cock right in, and working it slowly to give her access to my clit. When she stopped licking me Miguel rubbed my clit and fucked me till I came all over his cock. He came really hard in my pussy and I continued to come while she played with my clit almost forcing Miguel’s come seeping out of me.

We got dressed after cleaning up a bit. She promised to see us again real soon. I can’t fucking wait to see her again!

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