Hot Newbie Couple

We have been with a few newbie couples. Our main focus when we meet a new couple is to put them at ease. We don’t try to pressure people. We are in no hurry. We talk about things other than sex. Miguel and I are really social people. We talk about our kids and some of our past experiences. We keep it light, with humor. No hurry, really I am going to get laid whether it is with them or not. This is great for a newbie couple. There was a time when all we kept meeting were newbie couples. Miguel was really loving me breaking in all these new girls to how hot girl on girl can be.
This one couple we met at the club were new. I don’t even know how they got there. She was so shy and cute. A short haired blond, in a black mini-skirt. He was good looking too, but they were just looking for girl/girl action. We were so happy to oblige. After talking for a while with them, Miguel mentioned the handcuffs and blindfold. Her guy suggested that this would be great for her since she is so shy…..
Well Miguel was only happy to put his handcuffs to work. We took them in a room and put on the blindfold and handcuffs on her. She loved it! All that shyness went away. I kissed her softly at first and then with more wanting. She was juicy and I helped her out of her top. I licked all over her breasts and nibbled on her nipples. Then I traced a line to her belly button. She had goosebumps all over at this point. I got down between her legs and pulled up her skirt and pulled off her black lace panties. She was so wet already and I went to work licking her pussy, paying special attention to her clit. I got two fingers in and finger fucked her. I wasn’t there very long and she was making little sounds that told me she was really enjoying herself. Miguel was slowly working me out of my clothes and I was almost naked. Her man then suggested that I sit on her face. I got the rest of my clothes off quick and got into position. I crawled up her body and lowered my pussy right over her open mouth. I was pretty wet too and she must have liked it, because she ate me with such eagerness that I came all over her face a few times. I have been told that I taste really neutral so it is not an overly offensive taste for a newbie. She liked it a lot. I don’t believe that girl was as inexperienced as she claimed, she was tongue fucking me so good. I was cumming so much I was trembling and riding her face.
It must have looked so great to the guys with me riding her mouth I was gripping onto the wall in ecstasy for support. Her man had been fingering her the whole time, so as I rode her face she was juicy all over his hand. He kept saying that she must love it cause she is so wet. Her man got between her legs, slid his cock in her juicy hole, and started fucking her. I wanted to watch that so I got off her and sat over by Miguel. He got naked and we fucked real good. Miguel fucks me like a jackhammer and I like it rough, he grabs my hair and he tells me how good my pussy feels as I clench my muscles around his cock. Apparently, this girl liked it rough too. When I looked over he had her bend over and was fucking her from behind with a handful of hair in his hand. She loved it. Her tits were bouncing and she was really moaning loudly.
That was a really hot night and every time I hear “newbie” couple I think of them. I heard that they went on to have fun with some other couples we hooked up with. I bet she is really wild now…I wouldn’t mind running into them again.

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