Happy New Years!

Ok, so last time I posted we were goin out to ladies night at EWS. The crowd was pretty disappointing. I had on my little black dress with no panties for easy access. It was 2 for 1 drinks so I got to feeling pretty bold in no time. We introduced ourselves to every couple in the place…there were no single ladies unfortunately! We did alot of dancing. Real close, real sexy. Eventually we went next door to the full access lodging, (where you can get a room), and got busy.

First we went to the couples room. There was one couple in there doing what we were last Saturday, (he had his face in her pussy and was going to town). Miguel and I got a seat close to them and started off the same way. I was feeling so horny I really wanted him to fuck me. I was practically begging him to stick it in. He did for only a few minutes then he stopped, much to my dismay. He really wanted to go back to the club.

After a teaser like that I was really ready to go….but Miguel really wanted to find another couple to play with so we played a few air hockey games and talked to the DJ before realizing it was not going to get any better (the crowd I mean). The DJ said Thursday is usually a disapointment, and everyone was probably saving up for Friday night, (New years). Then we headed back again, this time we got our own room. Man……poor Miguel!!! I was really aggressive! I sucked his cock for a few minutes then laid back on the bed. He fucked me real good like he always does, slamming into me and gabbing my hair for leverage. Then I stopped him and told him I wanted to sit on his face. I told him I wanted to cum all over his face before he came and we got into a 69 position. I rode his face really hard and sucked his cock at the same time. Miguel loves it when I tell him what I want. The room had mirrors on the ceiling and he kept telling me how hot I looked over him. I came real good then I told him I wanted to watch so we switched positions again. I was so wet his dick just slid in. I can’t say I did much watching, but what I did see sent me right over the edge, and I came again. Then he flipped me over and fucked me doggie style again while probing my ass with his thumb. I was cumming and cumming all over his cock. I stopped him again and insisted on sitting on his face once again. I rubbed my now soaking wet pussy and clit all over his face and beard. I sucked his cock at an intense rhythm, while massaging his balls and the sensitive area between his anus and his scrotum. I wanted him to cum in time with me…. and he did. His cum hit my throat in warm jets and I swallowed it down before licking his shaft clean.

So the night was not a total waste, at least not for us. It does suck that I wasn’t able to use my strap-on. Hopefully soon! We elected not to go out on New Years Eve at all. Miguel passed out before New Years, (lightweight!). Plus I really didn’t want to start the new years out feeling like I did this morning after another sexy Saturday night……but I will save that adventure for another time.

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