Halloween weekend at the club

(Please excuse the mess in the background of this picture…we all actually live in our house and it is not a museum, lol!)


Yesterday was a busy day for me. I was given a ton of homework this weekend including; an ATI practice test, a group project, an individual project, a care plan, and I have to study for a weekly quiz. My only saving grace is that I have no school on Monday. I had to take my kids to a fall festival yesterday, mandatory fun! And I also promised to help my friend move. All of this and I really was ready for a few beers and go out and have a great time. I was pretty excited to go out in my sexy costume with Miguel, but something weird happened when we got to the club. I was called out by a couple we were potentially gonna hook up with. The girl said that I looked a lot better now that I had put on some weight…..hold on!
The last time I saw this couple I was a few weeks pregnant!
Needless to say, this really through me off my game. I started thinking, “wow do I look fat??, how rude!, I don’t wanna play anymore….”
I walked into the restroom to clear my head and blow it off, then I hear Miguel talking, about me, to this couple. I can’t tell you exactly what was said, but it infuriated me. Somehow my opinion of this couple had taken a backseat to securing the match. GRRRR!
Ok, so fast forward a few awkward moments and we are back at the bar and I explain this to him, poor Miguel! He is just a boy after all. The whole next drink was spent by him trying to smooth over the situation, and keep drama at bay. I hate drama! That is our number one thing, to not end up being like that, with our whole relationship hanging out in public.
Sometime later, a certain Latin unicorn decided tonight to finally meet us. She arrived at the club with another unicorn in tow. Well the night was really looking up at this point. We talked for a while and then her and her friend disappeared. I kinda forgot about her and Miguel and I searched around for an open room. I was really just wanting Miguel at this point, but while I was in the bathroom, he called her to join us. In case you guys are keeping track that would be mistake #2. She was really hot and this ended up being a really good hook up. She was pretty good and watching Miguel fuck her was a real turn-on! Later she texted Miguel that her friend was full of questions and seemed interested in the lifestyle. She said she had a great time and promised next time she would not be so shy with us.
So, (even though I am a stupid girl who allowed a little personal issue ruin a potential hook up), I still got game! Hoping that maybe after trick-or-treating with the kids I can make it up to Miguel.


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