Fun with Handcuffs

Last blog I promised I would tell you about our handcuffs…
Our first night at a local club was through an invitation to meet a really sexy couple we had wanted play with for a while. After a few hours of heavy drinking, the guy had to take his wife home early caused she was so sauced and basically too drunk to fuck. We felt really comfortable there so we stayed after they left. This club would become one of our favorite places to meet new people. We really like the place cause it had 9 play rooms. One of the rooms had a dungeon theme complete with a St. Anthony cross, a swing, and a blindfold. The blindfold inspired Miguel and he had me get undressed and lay down. He then handcuffed me and put the blindfold on. He started to play with me and spank me and then he opened the door. Obviously since I had the blindfold on I couldn’t see, but from how he tells this story the room filled up quick with people watching. I felt strange hands on me, kissing, sucking, caressing. It was really erotic. I couldn’t reciprocate anything, just lay there and let it happen. I was totally relaxed knowing Miguel was right there. At some point Miguel told everyone to leave, except a sexy Spanish couple, that he had been talking to. He told the guy to fuck me, that it was okay. I didn’t know this guy, I had never seen him, I just knew it wasn’t Miguel. This was such a fucking turn on! Fucking a total stranger, with Miguel in control of the situation, I felt totally safe and was able to get off. After he came, him and the girl left the room, I kept the cuffs and blindfold on and Miguel and I had crazy, orgasmic, mind-blowing sex! Afterward, he explained to me about the couple. I never really did get a good look at the guy. If I saw him on the street I wouldn’t recognize him. Something about being totally helpless really turns me on. I like to get spanked and told what to do, I guess I am a submissive. The handcuffs were definitely a bonus.
We have used them quite a few times. Miguel takes them with him when we go out, cause we never know when they may come in to play.
We were invited to a Halloween party tonight in Sarasota. I get to wear my costume, yea! I will give you all the juicy details…..

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