Full Swap

We had fun last night. We had a full swap with a couple visiting from out of town. They were a nice couple. We started off with good conversation. They had just come from the casino so we played some cards with them when they got here. We taught Miguel how to play Texas holdem. He was pretty good for someone who didn’t know how to play, beginner’s luck!

When we got in the bedroom things started a little awkward. They said they wanted a little girl/girl action so I tried to kiss her. She was real tight lipped so there wasn’t alot of good kissing action. She played with my tits and licked and sucked them. Then she laid back so I played with her tits pinching the nipples, licking and sucking them. Then I kissed my way down her belly to her wet snatch. I licked her clit and her man played with her tits. Miguel had the camera out so her was busy taking pictures. I fingered her and she was already soaked. Since this was gonna be a full swap I was eager to get to her man. I motioned for Miguel to take over her pussy and I crawled over to where her man was now standing on the edge of the bed. I headed straight for his cock.

She had been stroking it the whole time I was playing with her, so he was pretty hard. I engulfed his cock in my mouth. He immediately responded by moaning and guiding my head down to the base of his shaft. He was not very big so I was able to get the whole cock in my mouth and his tip hit my tonsils. I could hear Miguel behind me and apparently he was fucking her mouth as her man was fucking mine. The guy reached down and rubbed my clit, I was so ready for his cock. While he reached to get a condom I looked over and Miguel was getting ready to fuck the girl. He entered her and immediately began pounding away. The bed began to shake with his violent thrusts and the guy and I struggled to find a position to fuck. I moved to the head of the bed and he slid his cock in. He was a smaller size than Miguel so I had to really work on clamping my pussy muscles down on his cock so I could feel him better. He went on for a long time fucking fast then slowing down and get real close.

I loved the weight of him on me. He was about the same build as Miguel except for his cock which was pretty small but he worked it real good and he was able to rub my clit so I came and came again on his cock. Miguel and the girl fucked twice during this time. I know they stopped for a while cause she stopped moaning and there was only the sound that was coming out of my mouth and our bodies. After the second time they fucked, she came over and played with my tits while he fucked me. After I don’t know how long we were going at it. He said he really needed a break, some water and maybe a cigarette. He said he wasn’t used to wearing a condom and it was really preventing him from cumming. So we took a little break. Miguel went and washed the condom lubrication off his cock so I could suck it. They fucked on the bed and Miguel watched as I gave his cock my full attention. He didn’t last long fucking her, although I don’t think he came. It was getting pretty late when they got done, so we all got dressed and they left. We always fuck after being with a couple, but somehow she hurt Miguel while she was sucking him and he was pretty spent. I was pretty tired too, after all that, and we snuggled and fell asleep shortly after.

Miguel promised to fuck me real good today to make up for last night so now we are just trying to work that in.We got some great pictures from last night and I am gonna go threw them and upload some later on today. It is Sunday so all my kids are home. Got to get some family time in, I promised to take them to play basketball sometime today. We gotta get shit together for a full week of work and school. We do have a few dates lined up so check back there should be more hot blogs coming this week.

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