Friendly Friday

This weekend we did not go to the club.
I know, WTF?  Money is kinda tight right now so we decided not to go.
We did have some fun Friday night thou….

I invited my best friend over since she had a recent break-up with her loser boyfriend of two years and it was her birthday weekend.  A single guy I know wanted to meet her, so we went over his place.  This guy is good looking, a great host, and he has a hot tub, so it didn’t take too much to talk her into it.  (I have never actually had sex with my best friend right there, and I am pretty sure this was her first swing with another couple.)  I tried not to think too much about it and I went with the flow…..had a few drinks, got naked, got in the hot tub….played with Miguel….rode to orgasm on one of the jets…..had sex with Miguel with both of them watching.
I got right up on Miguel and rode his cock in the hot tub. He was sitting in one of the corners of the tub and I fucked him like a frog.  Ahhh slippery sex with an audience, I loved it!
I am such a slut!
I noticed that they were getting to know each other better, too. I couldn’t see it cause of all the bubbles but there was definitely some manual manipulation going on under the water.
I decided we should go in the house and fuck on his king sized bed.  I sat down and sucked Miguel’s cock, not that it needed and help from me…he was rock hard and I could taste his pre-cum.  When I stopped Miguel motioned for me to lay back, so when the two of them walked in that was what they saw.  Miguel’s face buried in my pussy, and me writhing to his titillating tongue.  I heard them talking in low whispers and then the guy appeared on the bed next to me.  He was on his knees with his cock in my face and I engulfed it into my mouth.  It was difficult to concentrate with Miguel working on my pussy but I did my best to suck his cock and lick his shaft and balls.  Then I felt warm breath on my face and smelled the cigarettes on her breath as my best friend got as close as she dared to the cock I was loving with my mouth.  The guy told me later that she was extremely wet from watching me and totally ready to go after this.  He pulled his cock out of my mouth and buried his face in her pussy, just as Miguel was getting his cock ready to enter me.  When we re-positioned, he had her bent over the bed and was fucking her from behind.
Miguel and I fucked like we hadn’t had sex in a week with grinding and moaning and hunching to relieve the pressure of our stressful lives.  I got what I needed to feel whole again as he fucked me.  He had his eyes closed every time I looked at his face, the fuck face that tells me he is enjoying the feeling too much to look.  We were both getting exactly what we needed with this fuck.
I looked over again and she was fucking him while he lay on his back.  She had her knees hiked up for better leverage and she had her eyes closed, off somewhere else as she rode his cock to orgasm.  She came with a loud moan and Miguel and I climaxed together shortly thereafter.  Later the guy told me that after I left the room to get cleaned-up, he had just talked her into letting Miguel have a try.  Sexy whispering into her ear that double penetration would be so fuckin hot, and she said yes.  Miguel didn’t know, and he was spent anyways, as he walked out of the room. Missed opportunity, maybe next time…..

So that was our Friday night excitement.  We got traditional Taco bell on the way home and my best friend stayed the night with us.
Saturday and the better part of today were spent trying to get one of our vehicles fixed, and we were successful.  I feel so good that I was able to help Miguel with this endeavor.  I found time to go to the gym with all my kids in tow and I actually got some homework done.  We might have something with a single guy lined up for tonight so stayed tuned. The weekend isn’t over yet!

I have got some interesting comments on the masturbation blog and the poll. People are seriously getting off, by themselves, a hell of a lot more than I expected.  Glad to know we are all perverted and into pleasure.

The results were that most people masturbate 1-3
times a day. Shocking! Okay, maybe not so much considering the content of my blog….. I only masturbate about once a week now but when I was single it was at least once everyday.

An equal amount of people like newbie and experienced couples. I like experienced a bit more, but I have had some great newbie hook-ups so I don’t really have a preference.

And most people use AFF or SLS or “none” to hook up with new people. I would say we have used AFF for some and SLS and some we just meet at clubs. I am gonna assume my audience is about the same slutiness as me……yum!

I got some new polls up, so get your vote in.
Want more pics? How would you like daily pics? How would you feel about some pics of me suffering “jungle fever?”
Leave me a comment and tell me what you more of, (or less). If you are reading me on your kindle (thank you!) and feel free to contact me I would love to hear from you.

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