Fantasy Girl

Ok let’s talk fantasy! I think I have some sort of authority in this area since I have really come to grips with my sexual fantasies being on the receiving end of some live porn come true and in helping to be the “fantasy”. I have worked at a strip club and as a phone sex girl. Let me just say that talking fantasy all day on a headset gave me a vivid imagination, and the ability to talk about sex without shame. At the time I had the job, I was a struggling single parent, and I needed to make alot of money. We got paid hourly depending on our average call length. The longer the call, the more money I made. I struggled to learn all about fantasy when I got that job. I needed to know a way to put into words the sex act, without getting to the penetration too quickly. The idea was to keep the caller on the line as long as possible, to get to know what turned him(or her) on and deliver it as slowly as possible without losing interest. I wanted to be the best girl. I wanted to be the one guys would ask for by name. And I can’t deny that I enjoyed it, talking about sex all day…..getting people off.

I discovered somethings about myself while I worked as a phone sex girl.
First, I am not into being a dominatrix. I hated trying to be in command, I always lost those calls quickly. I think I gave myself away. The tone of my voice wasn’t tough enough. I loved being the submissive, thou! I have said it here before, but I really discovered it at that job.
Second, being a fan of “letters to penthouse” does eventually come in handy (hey look they even have it for kindle!!). That’s right! I am a big fan of this sexy reading material….I got alot of fantasy material from here. I had memorized my favorite scenarios and adding my own juicy details.
Third, accents are really sexy. I even had to learn how to sound like a foreigner (Chinese, Spanish and country of my choice, I chose Russian for some reason), the guys really loved that idk why. That job wasn’t about what turned me on, it was all about the fantasy of me. I loved my place in fantasy land where I could get raunchy and talk dirty. I really didn’t run into too many weird fantasies either. Some of the girls told horror stories, but all my callers had relatively normal fantasies. I think I just got lucky.
One of my favorite stories goes a little something like this….
Me and my guy go looking for a porn shop that has private booths for porn previewing. We have just come from a local bar and after some pretty good cock sucking in the car, we are both really horny and ready to fuck. We are feeling really adventurous and we find a place not far from home. We go and get some change and pay for a booth. The clerk snickers because I am obviously drunk, wearing a little mini-skirt and a tank top and we are groping each other as we wait for him to show us to the booth. The clerk shows us to our booth and unlocks the door for us. I pop some change into the machine and pick out some porn with a gang-bang. The t.v. comes into focus and it is two girls and six guys on a couch. The girls are already naked and sucking two of the guys cocks while the others get naked. My guys comments about what a sexy scene it is and slides my mini-skirt up over my hips. I turn to face him and pull my tank top off revealing my…….to be continued.

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