Fantasy Girl (con’t)

…….He immediately gripped my breasts and pinched and tweaked both my nipples and engulfed them each in his mouth licking and sucking them with suck urgency it bordered on pain. I fumbled with his belt, button and zipper to free his now fully erect cock. He picked his head up from my chest and looked me in the eye and turned me around so that I could sit on the wooded bench. He reached down and pulled his pants and shirt completely off so that he now stood naked before me. Then he reached over and pushed a curious button on the wall. Then a shade lifted and we could see the guy in the room next door. He was stroking his cock and now turned his attention from the movie playing in his room to the action unfolding in ours.

My attention was focused on the man in the next room who was now standing next to the glass so he could get a better view. He was a tall man with dark hair and his cock was large and strained as he pulled and stroked mindlessly to get to his climax. My guy told me to keep my skirt on as he pulled my panties down. I was so wet and remarked at that as he played with my clit and easily stuck two fingers in my pussy. He got down on his knees and buried his face in my snatch and I gasped as he moaned and licked and sucked on my clit, with his two fingers fucking me. I climaxed easily and came all over his face. He then got next to me on the bench and told me to ride his cock.

I quickly assessed that he meant for me to face away from him, and I got in front of him and turned around. I lowered myself on his cock and it slid right in. He groaned as it went in and then he put his hands on my hips and helped with the tempo as I bounced my pussy on his cock, covering it with my juices. We fucked like that for a few minutes and I was sticky with sweat. He pushed me forward to gain access to my asshole and worked a finger in. I was bent all the way forward with my hands on the dirty floor. I couldn’t keep up with how fast he wanted to fuck so he told me to stand up. I knew he wanted to fuck me doggie style. I bent way over with my legs straight and put my hands on the bench. He stood behind me and rammed his cock in my pussy so hard I almost fell over. The guy next door was really enjoying the show. His face distorted when I looked over and he came. His cum shot all over the glass and onto the floor. My guy was fucking me hard and ramming two fingers in my ass, giving me such pleasure I wasn’t sure when I was cumming. It was so lubricated and I tightened my pussy muscles to help him come. He moaned and increased his speed. I fucked him back for all I was worth. I knew he would come soon and when he did I felt his cum flood my pussy.

When he pulled out some of his cum mixed with mine ran down my legs. I felt so deliciously whoreish and he promised there was more to cum when we got home. He pushed the button for the shade to go down. I tried to put on my panties and he told me not to as he put them in his pocket. I pulled my skirt down and put my tank top back on, trying to look somewhat put together before we walked out. When we walked back to the front of the store we saw the clerk again. He had the same smile and I recognized him as the guy in the next booth! He thanked us as he walked us to the door and unlocked it. Apparently, he closed shop when we walked in and got in the booth next to us hopeful for a free show. I guess he got his wish.


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  1. Tracy says:

    I did not know where else to post this, but the html code to grab a direct link to your site is incomplete. I corrected it so the link from my blog works. Thanks for posting the link to my blog as well.

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