Eyz Wide Shut x3

Last night was pretty fucking awesome! I drank before we left so I was buzzed the moment we walked in the door. It was a sexy scene. Most of the women that go there do not dress as provocative as I was dressed last night so I generated a bit of attention. The only dress rules for women there are that they gotta wear panties and the areolas must be covered. I met the requirements, barely…..my top kept sliding. Well my tits are pretty small, (sigh!). That is the first thing I am gonna fix if we ever get enough money…..New boobies for me! I don’t want like DD or anything. I am only a B now I just want a really full C cup. I know guys always say a handful (or is it mouthful) is enough, but I want more!

Miguel went to the bar for me all night, so I really have no idea how many beers I had….enough I guess. Everytime I needed a beer, it just showed up. We met the couple there that we were suppose to, but they were really talking to another couple. She is a little older than me and I think they were probably a more comfortable match. We met another really hot couple, they were newbies. I mean new-newbies. Everytime I saw them outside, a different couple was trying to give them newbie advice. Happy not to be there anymore! Although if you think about it, every new adventure is totally different. So you never really get out of the newbie stage in that sence. But as far as the testing of trust in the relationship, I am totally happy that phase is over.

We danced a lot! I had new shoes and this actually didn’t cause me any problems, except that it made me slightly taller than Miguel. He is 5’10″, I am 5’8″ so in a 6 inch heel, …..well you get the picture. Anyways, we didn’t hook up with anyone else…. I think we just get to this point that we wanna go fuck, and well, I didn’t wanna have to wait to see if anyone else wants to join in. We went next door to the lodging and into the big common room. There are plenty of places to fuck there and I laid back on a bed. There was another couple there fucking on the bed in the corner and we love to have company. The sheets on the bed are black leather, it feels good on my skin. Miguel takes down his pants and I lick and suck his cock till he tells me to stop. Then he gets dressed and says he wants to go back to the party. I throw a bit of a temper tantrum on the way to the door, and he gets bit frustrated with me. Ya, I am like that sometimes. It is pissing Miguel off. I love him so much I want him to read my mind, and want what I want, when I want it…..kinda ridiculous! He gets almost angry and says, “What babe, you want me to fuck you right now?”¬† ….YES! Right now, at least a little bit. So he throws me over a lounge type chair (gently, and I am so willing), pulls my panties to the side and fucks me right there. I have one leg on the floor and one leg cocked up so he can get it in better. He fucks me till I cum real good on his cock, then he stops and sacastically asks if we can go back to the party now? Yes we can…..

Ok so fast forward threw the party a bit, we danced, I smoked, we drank, we got really horny…went back to the lodging, and back to the big common room. This time the room was full. I mean really full. There were sex acts happening everywhere I looked. There was nowhere for us….but just then I saw what looked like a leather dentist chair. An awesome sight to me, since I was totally ready to get fucked again. I had Miguel lay back on the chair and expose his cock so I could get it mice and hard with my mouth. I pulled off my panties and straddled his cock. This position is a little comical for us since Miguel used to be a dentist’s assistant. I fucked him real good, and gave anyone who might have been looking a good show. The angle would have been perfect for anyone to see his cock, slick with my juices, sliding in and out. I went real slow, then fast them slow again till Miguel told me to stop. He wasn’t ready to cum just yet….

Fast forward again threw the party, we drank, I smoked, we danced, I was so fucking horny……went back to the lodging. This time we decided to get our own room. Miguel pulled a surprise out of his pocket….the blindfold! I stripped down and put the blindfold on. I laid on my stomach and begged him to fuck me good. He did just that, then I asked him to put it in my ass.
He did.
I worked my clit the whole time rubbing it and pinching it, I was so horny.
He got his cock nice and wet with my pussy juices.
He took his time and slowly, gently guided his cock in my ass.
Then he slowly started to work it in and out. He could go really fast or be rough cuz my ass is so tender and tight, but it felt so good.
Eventually he could take it anymore. He pulled out and wasked his cock off in the sink, then he came back and rammed my pussy. He told me to stand up and put my hands on the window as he fucked me standing up from behind. I can’t really tell you if we had an audience. I still had the blindfold on. The angle wasn’t perfect, (I should of put those shoes back on!), so he had me lay back on the bed and he rammed my pussy with his cock. The he moaned and he came inside me.
It was an awesome night.



  1. mike says:

    That encounter was super hot! The way you vividly recount everything is so titalating! Absolutely awesome!

  2. Really informative blog, thank you so much for taking the effort in writing this information.

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