Epic Fail

One night in the not too distant past Miguel and I went creeping on craig’s list for some swinger fun….

It was getting kinda late and we really wanted some quick no strings attached fun with a couple. We found a sexy looking couple who said they could host. This was perfect for us since we couldn’t. We exchanged some e-mails with pictures, then our numbers and got their address. Lucky for us they lived pretty close….so we got some sexy cloths on and headed out.

We got there in no time really. They were very polite. She explained that they had kids and we had to be pretty quiet, but that they had done this a few times and it would be cool. We sat on their porch and talked a while first. Something on their ad on craig’s list mentioned something about “bareback” being okay. I explained to them that we only play with condoms on and that there would be no exceptions (ok, well i mean except for oral play…because condoms taste gross). Anyways, we were already there…..so they said okay to the condom rule. So we passed the inspection and so did they. Cool! it was pretty obvious to both of us that she was the one that does all the “shopping“. We discovered that swinging was indeed her idea in their relationship. I thought this was rather odd, but whatever! This works for them, right??

We went inside finally….

Pictures can be a bit deceiving. He wasn’t so hot. In fact he reminded me of my ex-husband…She was pretty cute thou. She had a little extra on her hips, but really she was cute. She was wearing this little red see through nightie shirt and a black skirt. She might have been Indian or Mexican even, she had a nice ethnic look to her. I knew Miguel wanted to fuck her. I didn’t think of this as me taking one for the team, cause I hadn’t seen his cock yet. I thought a girl this cute has gotta be with this guy for a reason, right? Her man sat in a recliner kinda facing away from the action. There was another chair that didn’t recline and a couch. Miguel was kinda standing there. I sat beside her on the couch and she explained that because the kids were so close to their bedroom they usually play right there in the living room. I thought okay and leaned over to kiss her. She was a great kisser….

She got on her knees in front of me and helped me out of my clothes while we made out in front of the guys. Miguel is never very shy so I was not surprised when I looked up to find him naked already. She was licking and sucking on my breasts and I was pinching her nipples through her little red nightie she had her ass facing Miguel and he was loving the view….I have to admit the scene was pretty hot. Miguel was saying something to the guy and then I noticed that this guy wasn’t even watching. He looked nervous. We all kinda stopped and looked at him, to address the fact that he was still fully clothed. I guess he felt the pressure and so I went over to help him out. I got down on my knees in front of him and helped him free his cock (have you noticed that I always have to do this….guys just need help getting out of their clothes, lol!). He was not even the littlest bit of hard. I felt really bad cuz Miguel was fully erect and this girl was going to town on his cock with her mouth. He stopped me and took all his clothes off. He directed me over to the other big chair and I laid back spread eagle with a leg over one of the arm rests. I looked over and Miguel now had this girl bent over and was fucking her good on the opposite side of the couch. The guy played with my pussy a little and licked and bit my clit. The he got the condom on and then. . . . he ran into problems. He tried for a while to get it in but it just wouldn’t go. Miguel noticed his dilemma and brought his wife over to fuck her doggie style right next to the chair. Man they looked so hot, the little faces she was making, and her noises/ But he could not get hard enough to fuck me. He played and pointed it at my hole, and rubbed and …damn it!!! It just wouldn’t happen.


he couldn’t get hard


she was cute and all but DAMN!

what did i do wrong?

i am not gonna let this bother me

obviously this guy had issues

maybe we should ask every couple if ED is an issue for them from now on?

thank god i have miguel to take care of me when we got home

He did take care of me when he got home and assured me that she wasn’t so great and even got kinda dry. (I don’t care if he was just saying that because it made me feel better)


This is it, sometimes it is not so glamorous.We don’t ask every couple if he has erectile dysfunction, but it should be implied.

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