Christmas at Eyz Wide Shut

We went to a different club on Christmas night. I had a blast and met some new people. We also saw some old friends there. Something so nice about fucking in a different atmosphere, ya know?

It was kind of a drive from our house, but what the hell it was Christmas and like the only place open. Except for the fact that it was a little expensive, we will definitely go again. They had a full liquor bar and a buffet bar. It was only half-price to get in so that saved us a little dough. The play rooms at this bar were totally separate, but very tastefully done. All the rooms had curtained windows except one….we didn’t play in that room. The website for this club is: Eyz Wide Shut in Tampa, FL.
I know all my local friends have probably been there, but we are such creatures of habit…it kinda took us a while.

Miguel and I got there and I still had a purty good buzz from the Christmas day cheer at home. We danced……a lot. Miguel has all these sexy moves that I never knew about.¬† I read on the site that they might have a dance off for some adult toys… but when I asked the DJ when that would be she said they decided not to have a contest since the crowd was kinda thin. The DJ did hook us up with a year free membership to Love Voodoo

We played, just the two of us, in one of the rooms. They had a huge common room with some real sexy couples playing right for everyone to see. Miguel and I got so hot watching that he gave me some great head right there with strangers looking on. We met some really sexy couples but it was our first time there and we didn’t think to bring any condoms….our regular club has them all over the place. This club didn’t, they did have some for sale but we had already spent all our money at the bar….ooops! Well next time we will come prepared.

We have been pretty relaxed this past week. Miguel and I have been chillin at home for the most part. Now that Christmas is behind us we can start looking for someone to help us try out this strap-on….

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